A solution to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6177

quickbooks Error 6177

December 22, 2022

Quickbooks Error 6177 comes when you try to open your company file, and the company file does not open up. This error mainly occurs when the QuickBooks software does not use it correctly. If you are looking for a solution to this error then you found different solutions to fix these errors.

As you know that every technical issue can be resolved by a supportive team. You can easily get resolve these types of errors with the help of advisors but whether you have any solution to resolve the issue, you should try it.

When your system window throughout an error or pop up message like- Error(6177 0):

quickbooks has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Basically, this is when your file is located on the server and you are trying to access this file locally. This is due to some network issues, corrupted documents, and anything to do with older versions of software, firewall problems, and more.

Causes of QuickBooks 6177 error

  • The incorrect path of your company file which is in your QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Your QuickBooks file is effected by viruses & Malware.
  • Corruption in between Downloading & incomplete installation.

5 Ways to fix QuickBooks error 6177

Nothing will perfect and this will also happen with software so some error comes when you use QB. You have to follow these steps to recover from QuickBooks Error 6177. and such of the steps are-

Solution 1: Download the latest release of quickbooks

  • Firstly, Move your File from the local computer location and after that open a company file.
  • whenever you get an error while you open the file then look forward to the portable company file.
  • Update your quickbooks Software on the latest release.
  • If your window is not configured then add the window firewall ports for quickbooks user.
  • when you are working with the client computer then turn off the hosting.
  • Create a new folder> access the data file location> Move your folder to the local computer and try to access the data.
  • Take the full access of that folder which contains the company file on the server computer.

Solution 2: Download, Install and Run the quickbooks File Doctor

quickbooks File Doctor is one of the most important tools that will detect and fix your all error automatically. So you need to download and install quickbooks file Doctor Software. Run this software after the installations.

Solution 3: Update your file location

  • Open your File, Explorer.
  • Press F2 while quickbooks Is not open the exact file and get the exact location.
  • Search for your company file, which ends with QBW.
  • Write the drive name and location.
  • After this move, your company files from the C drive. you have to move the file only not a whole folder.

Solution 4: Fix the File path manually

  • Firstly, you have to find out your ND file.
  • open your File Explorer on the server and search for your QB folder.
  • Find the file which is with your company name and the ND extension at the end. It should look like this: Company name. qbw.nd.
  • Click right for the ND file & select to delete. Don’t be worried about your accounting data. that process would not be harmful to your accounting data.

Solution 5: Configuration of quickbooks Database Manager

  • If you have a quickbooks Database server management tool that is ok. if you don’t have you have to download & Install the QBDS manager.
  • On your Server computer Click on the Start menu and type database in your search list.
  • After that Open the QB DSM.
  • select that quickbooks Folder that can hold your file.
  • Start to Scan, when the Scan process is finished> Close.
  • In the end, Set your Folder permission To share your company file with others.

I hope this blog helps you fix your quickbooks Error 6177. we explain the very easy and effective solution to fix this Error You just need to apply these solutions to get rid of error code 6177.


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