QuickBooks File Doctor – How to Fix Damaged Company File

The integrated or built-in QuickBooks file doctor is only available on QuickBooks 2016 and later. File Doctor Tools is the latest version of the QuickBooks diagnostic tool developed in 2012. This tool helps the user to fix issues related to QuickBooks. If you want to update QuickBooks to the latest version, go to the QuickBooks File Doctor download page on the Intuit website. QB File Doctor only works for the UK and US versions of QuickBooks and is currently compatible with all QuickBooks desktops for Windows except the QuickBooks version for Mac.

QuickBooks File Doctor is a tool designed to help recover your damaged company’s files and resolve some of your network issues. Review the results obtained from using File Doctor to see how to solve the problem.

How did QuickBooks File Doctor come into existence?

QuickBooks File Doctor is designed specifically for QB users. This tool is developed after combining two applications, one is named QuickBooks install Diagnostic Tool and the other application is the QuickBooks File Diagnostic Tool. Intuit File Doctor is an advanced tool that not only fixes network errors but also detects file errors and fixes them instantly.

There are two types of QBFD:

  • Built-in QB File Doctor which is available in QB 2016 and all later versions of QuickBooks 2016.
  • The stand-alone version can be downloaded from the internet.

What is the Built-in QuickBooks File Doctor tool?

Well, talking about the built-in version of QBFD, this tool works in US, CA, and UK versions of QuickBooks, which restricts it to some extent. The users should note that the built-in version of QuickBooks File Doctor tool supports only in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Server 2003-2012. After knowing all the important facts about the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool, it is now time to check out the ways to use this built-in QB File doctor version.

Advantage of QuickBooks File Doctor Tool:

  • When you can’t open your company file and get this type of error message: – 6150, -6000 -82, -6000 -305, -6000 -301, -6147 and -6130. When you are facing that type of error messages you can use QuickBooks file Doctor Tool to resolve these issues.
  • you lost or missing your list of customers, vendors, or employees file.
  • When you get some errors with the network issue, like- H101, H202, H303, or H505 error.
  • Your file is several damaged and will not open, but you can open sample company files.
  • When you are not able to access the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Occurring Issues when you are trying to update your QuickBooks.
  • When your company file data has been damaged.
  • When All of your list of vendors is empty.

How to Download the QuickBooks File Doctor in your computer

  • Firstly, if you already have a File Doctor on your computer. you will see an icon of green file Doctor in your system, after that, you have to proceed to download and installing with the latest file doctor. before installing you have to make sure that you’re previous file doctor version is uninstalled.
  • After the download completes, double click on a qbfd.exe file and follow the instruction that will help you to install the QuickBooks File Doctor.
  • It will be automatically opened when it is installing successfully. If you see that the Tool is not opening, then click on the green wrench icon in your Window.
  • Use the Dropdown function, list to find out your company file. It is only based on your last ten opened companies. In that case, when you do not see your company file in the top 10 list, click on the browse button and locate it manually and continue.
  • Select one of the following options:
    • when occurring both errors: file damaged and network connectivity issue
    • Network connectivity issue only.
  • when it is done, enter your admin id and password to get your company file and then click Next.
  • After then if you are running a file doctor on a workstation then pick the workstation.
  • If you are running a file doctor tool on a server then pick the server.
  • In that condition, you have to choose the right one: Choose one of the following, If prompted share your company file: Points keep in your mind if you choose NO the file doctor on the computer that time it is not hosting the company file. If you choose Yes File doctor on a computer that hosting the company file.
  • In the end, wait for your file doctor to finish diagnosing.

Steps to Use Quickbooks File Doctor


Step-1: First of all Install the Quickbooks File Doctor. Now you have to open the “qbfd.exe file” and follow these instructions to install the tool.

Step-2: When it is installed in your system then it will open automatically. if it is not open in your system then go to the start menu and open the tool or you can click on the icon.

Step-3: Now search your company file from the drop-down list. and then you can also click on browse to find the file manually.

Step-4: The next step is to choose the check file damage only and then click on the diagnosis file option.

Step-5: Enter the Admin password when prompted. You will see an option to update your file to the latest version if you are using Quickbooks 2011 or older version.

Step-6: Finally, Quickbooks File Doctor will start repairing your files, this may take some time.

Step-7: If in case the repair is successfully done then you will get an option to open your repaired file from the tool.

Step- 8: Quickbooks File Doctor works and repairs all your damaged files and network errors.

Possible Outcomes of using QuickBooks File Doctor

You will see the following result after diagnosing a file through Intuit QB File Doctor:

  • QuickBooks File Doctor has not been detected any issue/error – If the tool has not been detected any issue in the company file, then you can log in back into the company file. In case, you are unable to open a company file, we advise you to set the Auto Data Recovery setup.
  • The issue has been detected by QBFD and able to resolve – If the tool had been successful in detecting the issue and also resolving it, then it will be the good news. When the diagnosis process gets completed, select the “Open New Company File”.
  • The issue has been detected by QBFD but, unable to resolve – If the tool has been detected the issue but is not able to fix it, then we advise you to set the Auto Data Recovery and record the transactions from the last backup. You can also upload the company file.

What to do after repairing QuickBooks?

Once you are done with the diagnosis and repairing process, you are highly recommended to back up the QuickBooks company file data and generate the backup data file (.QBB) in a removable external hard drive. For instance, backing up your data right at the end of every month will be a great idea.

What to do if QuickBooks File Doctor is not working?

Sometimes, the user is unable to use QBFD and an error message appears “File Doctor is not working” on the screen during diagnosing a company file. Below are some causes that may be the reason for the occurrence of QBFD error:

  • When you are attempting to update a company file.
  • If you forgot to install any company file during installation.
  • You may also face QBFD errors due to damage or corruption in the files.
  • If you are unable to restore the files.


  • You need to restore the backup of the QBW file (corrupted).
  • Auto Data Recovery can also be used to resolve QBFD error.
  • You should configure the antivirus software and turn off the hosting mode.

Limitations of QuickBooks File Doctor:

now we explain the QuickBooks file doctor limitation it will be used at the installation time when some error finds to used any tools then file doctor can access it the limitation is following are:

  • The combined QuickBooks file doctor company file size is lesser than 2GB.
  • when the internet connection was important to upload the company file.
  • Login the QuickBooks Account as an Administrator.
  • Network connectivity has a diagnosis and the repair option cannot work properly if the several version of QuickBooks has installed in a single computer.
  • with the database server manager only you can install the QuickBooks network diagnosis.

Reasons for QuickBooks File Doctor Error:

  • Invalid access to the joined records.
  • At the point when the old version of the organization records is attempted to get changed over a system.
  • It can happen during the establishment eliminate when you miss some QuickBooks documents.
  • It shows if there should be an occurrence of harmed, lost, and corrupted records also.

Is QuickBooks File Doctor safe?

QuickBooks File Doctor is highly effective for network connection errors. This can be very true in the case of a multi-user system setup. Errors that occur when a user needs to access a QuickBooks Company file can be resolved through the QuickBooks File Doctor tool saved on another system.


If you are still struggling with a data file or network problem or your file cannot open, the QuickBooks File Doctor tool helps you find the cause of the problem and helps you solve the problems. This may take from a few minutes to an hour.

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