Change Company Name In QuickBooks

How to change company name in quickbooks?

March 27, 2024

There are multiple situations when you think that the name of the organization should be modified or changed. In this article, you will get detailed knowledge about How to change the company name in quickbooks as well as you will also learn in what situations you need to change the company name in quickbooks. So due for any reason if you want to change your company name in QB or want to how to change or modify, then read this complete article carefully, and learn how you can easily change your company name in quickbooks or quickbooks accounting software.

Things to Keep In mind prior Change name of quickbooks

  • Make sure you are an admin
  • The name of the organization is on numerous forms like 940,941, W2, W3. Ensure that you make modifications in all areas
  • Browse and check the organization name is changed

Reasons for Changing the Company’s Name

  • In case people spell your name incorrectly you need to change your name. 
  • Modify your name then your organization file can reflect the change.
  • In case you have changed the organization name
  • During troubleshoot also need to change your organization name

How to Change The Company Name in quickbooks Desktop

To alter the company name in quickbooks Desktop, it is recommended that you read each step carefully:

  1. It is advised to backup all the Organisation file
  2. Check the location of the organization file
  • Go to Home Page
  • Open product Information window by pressing F2
  • Keep the File information field in the mind or pen down. It depends on your preference
  1. Select Specific Location
  • Click on the windows start button or Open Windows Explorer. It depends on your Preference
  1. Right click on file & in context menue click on rename, The file name may look like [CompanyName] is a possible file name. [CompanyName] or simply qbw
  2. Choose the file name as per your preference and Press Enter
  3. Click on Yes to confirm

The process to Change The Company Name in quickbooks Online

Modify the Company Name in quickbooks Online: Steps to Remember

  1. Click on Gear Icon
  2. Click on Account and Settings
  3. Select Company tab
  4. Next to the Corporation, press the button the pencil symbol
  5. Change the data and then click Done

Process To Update Your Organisation  Name in quickbooks Enterprise

  1. Open the quickbooks tool
  2. Click on the Menu 
  3. Select Organisation name
  4. Now you will reach a panel Where you can make changes related to organization details.
  5. Changes are like organization name, phone number and email address, and other details.
  6. In organization, information box click on the pencil symbol right above 
  7. You will see a dialogue box  of Edit Company name
  8. After complete editing click ok 
  9. Your edit will be saved

Now your organization name is updated everywhere in quickbooks Enterprises.

I hope now you have no doubts How to change company name in quickbooks online, desktop or enterprise, If you want to know any other information related or are still unable to change the company name, then don’t worry you can get help from quickbooks technical support team.


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