What’s New in QuickBooks Desktop(QBDT) 2021?

What’s new in QuickBooks Desktop 2022?

December 17, 2022

If you are interested to know about the new features of Quickbooks Desktop then you are at the right place here we will discuss the New Version of Quickbooks Desktop 2022.

This article is very useful for you so don’t go anywhere and read out the article here is all information about the new version of QuickBooks desktop 2022.

The new version of Quickbooks desktop has many new features that are very helpful for your daily accounting. The new feature helps you to improve your business, money management, and processing speed. It will be selling only pro subscriptions. In 2022 the Quickbooks desktop will be subscription only. 

Top 9 new features of QuickBooks Desktop 2022

1. Increase 64 Bit Computing Power

The new version of Quickbooks Desktop can use the 64-bit processor and you can use Quickbooks for your accounting work faster. The new version of Quickbooks desktop has increased 64-bit computing power including pro plus, premium plus, accountant plus, and all edition plus subscriptions. 

You can install the new version of Quickbooks desktop-only 64-bit window on your computer. And if you want successful installation of 64 bit then you can launch QuickBooks Desktop.

The new feature of Quickbooks Desktop is to faster and enhance the computing power and help to maintain the third-party unifications with the help of developer infrastructure.

2. Latest Version Of Discovery Hub

The Quickbooks desktop has the latest feature of the discovery hub. Discovery hub includes the latest features of QuickBooks pro plus, premium plus, and accountant plus with all edition plus subscriptions. You can find discovery from the top right on the menu bar.

3. Melio For Bills And Payments

Pay your bills and payment with Melio on Quickbooks desktop pro plus, premium plus, accountant plus with all edition plus subscription. You can plan your vendor payment online with the help of QuickBooks. Quickbooks customers choose the payment method via credit or debit card. The sellers payment details are recorded within Melio securely not on the QuickBooks desktop file.

4. The Payable Approval Process With Customizable Account

The new version of the Quickbooks desktop 2022 has included all edition subscriptions plus and it can show the menu bar you can select the option company and then it is showing track and approve transaction click here and check your status.

Buyers can manage cash flow by opting for a customizable approval process for their bills. And in order to carry forward the payment of a seller’s bill, it can hand over the accounts payable to the backed accounts by this bill approval method. Dashboard handles only those tasks which require special approval before payment can be made. The Payable Clerk and the selected approver can receive the email and they are informed about their bill.

5. Seller Bill Payments With Customization & Email

The new version of Quickbooks desktop 2022 has included the accountant plus, premium plus, and all edition subscriptions plus. 

The buyer can email the seller for a customize bill. And they can also modify the payment details in QuickBooks as well as the bill payments of the people they included in their work.

6. Documents Attached Through Mobile Device

The new version of Quickbooks desktop has included the new feature and on October 12, 2021, you can also use QuickBooks desktop on your android mobile and your apple phone. Quickbooks desktop includes new features just like Quickbooks pro plus, premium plus, accountant plus, and all edition plus subscriptions.

Buyers can take photos of their papers with the free QuickBooks desktop phone app, and either you can attach your documents to the scan feature on the QuickBooks desktop. If you want to avoid keeping many documents handy, then you can keep a record of these documents.

7. Multiple Email Customer Contacts

The new version of Quickbooks desktop has included pro plus subscriptions, premium plus subscription, accounting subscription, and all edition subscriptions.

When emailing an invoice within QuickBooks, you can select Email from the drop-down section of the associated email with the customer’s record.

8. Webgility (Add On E-Commerce Integration)

There is an online supply available to purchasers of QuickBooks Desktop. Webgility integrates with Quickbooks Desktop to simplify e-commerce handling. Buyers can choose from any of the 3 packages. core, classic, and deluxe. Buyers can add new items and manage and update the inventory of their channel. There are also included with Quickbooks pro plus, premium plus, accounting plus, and all editions subscriptions.

9. 24 Hours Payment Recieve Instantly

You can receive your payments instantly when users pay you. Even any time you can receive your payments.

There are a few more new features for the new versions of the Quickbooks desktop 2022 given below following:

  1. Enhance Transactions
  2. You can create customer groups according to their field.
  3. Quickbooks desktop 2022 has a new Apple-based silicon processor capability.
  4. You can send the statement automatically to the customer.
  5. Enhance bank feeds.


The new version of Quickbooks desktop 2022 is subscription plus all edition subscriptions plus it will only be selling pro plus, premium plus subscriptions, and mac plus premium and subscriptions. The new version of Quickbooks desktop 2022 is very useful and helpful for us.



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