QuickBooks Error Code 1904

How to fix quickbooks Error 1904?

December 17, 2022

quickbooks Error 1904 mainly comes when you are trying to open your company’s file and your quickbooks database may be damaged & you lose network connection. If you get error 1904 due to a damaged database or lost network connection and looking for the best way to resolve and fix it. Then Currace is the best destination here we tried to discuss all possible causes & best possible solutions to fix error 1904.

Causes of error 1904 quickbooks

Before resolving error 1904 we must need to understand why you get that error or what cause error 1904, if you want to know what cause this error then read bellow discussed points, bellow we discussed all possible causes.

  • Problems with installation sources.
  • Due to the low maintenance of the computer.
  • Missing or Damaged components.
  • Due to Pending Updates with quickbooks.

4 Solutions to fix quickbooks Error 1904

Before following these step by step solution must try to fix this error codes with quickbooks automated repair tool or by restoring your window in an earlier time. If these two methods don’t work, then try bellow discussed points.

Solution 1: Run yocur quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool

If your quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool does not upgrade or updated version, then you have to first upgrade your tool in the latest versions. If you already upgrade it then you can ignore this step simply.

Otherwise, Follow these Steps-

  • Choose the ignore Button in the message window and install quickbooks.
  • After the installation, don’t open quickbooks, Simply Restart your computer.
  • Download & run the quickbooks Install Diagnostic tool.
  • After that Restart your computer again.
Solution 2: Fix the Windows Components Manually

If QBInstall Diagnostic tool Updation didn’t fix your error then you have the right to repair the Specific Windows Components yourself.

If You are an It professional then you can be done these troubleshooting steps-

  • Reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework.
  • Repair Microsoft MSXML.
Solution 3: Change your Windows account settings

Switch your Windows Administrator account to change the settings.

  • Switch Your Account to Window Administrator
  • Open your Windows simply.
  • Start Menu, type CMD into the search option.
  • After that If you see the CMD Run icon then click right and select the option- Run as administrator.
  • Type” net user administrator/active: yes the command window and press Enter.
  • After Closing the Command window, Open the Window Start menu and Sign Out.
  • Select the account that says administrator sign in. Here you won’t need a password to sign in.

Change the User permission

  • Click on the Windows Start menu icon.
  • Open the File Explorer.
  • Open the C drive in your Computer system.
  • Follow the path: C:Program Files Common Files.
  • Click right on the common file folder and select the properties.
  • Go to the security tab and edit them.
  • From the group or user names section, select the users.
  • Turn on the following sections like- Modify, Read & Execute, Read, Write and List folder contents.
  • Select to apply and Ok.

By carefully reading all methods of solutions to fix error 1904 you can easily handle QuickBooks error 1904 and again resume your work.


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