Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Error 3140

How to Fix the quickbooks Error 314?

December 17, 2022

quickbooks error 3140 pop up means users have a problem in synchronizing data due to the corrupted downloading process of quickbooks, infected files, as well as malware attacks. If you are affected with an error code 3140 and searching for a causes and solutions, then you arrived at the best place, here we discussed all reasons and the best possible solution of error 3140.

quickbooks error 3140

Symptoms & Causes of 3140 quickbooks Error


  • Your Active system Window suddenly starts to crash.
  • Error Message displayed “quickbooks Error 3140”.
  • Your System Window responds very slowly when you give the input from keyboard & mouse.


  • The most important cause of the error is the corrupted download of QB software. Or the QB software installment becomes incomplete.
  • If you have made changes and possible corruption in the QB or related software in the Windows registry due to that change.
  • The major cause of QB error 3140 is malware infection of the system. This can result from corrupted files in your Windows system or program files related to QB.
  • Some other programs maliciously or accidentally deleted QB-related files.

quickbooks Error 3140 best possible solutions

IF you have error 3140, then try all these 4 methods of solutions, by following these solutions you can easily fix these error codes.

Solution 1: Clean Window Installation

  • Firstly, it repairs registry entries that are associated with 3140 errors.
  • After that, you will have to scan your computer completely. And check your system, malware-infected or not?
  • Clean your system’s non-essential files mainly from temporary files and folders and with disk cleanup
  • You will need to check the drivers of all your devices and update them to their latest version.
  • It is recommended that you should preserve the previous setting. You must set your restore point to the Windows system for this purpose. And use it when necessary for undo arrangement changes.
  • You have to check all the window programs that are associated with QB. And also uninstall them and then install them.
  • After that, you need to run the file checker on the Windows system.
  • You have to check all the latest updates on Windows and update your system accordingly.
  • From the last, you should be assured of doing a clean Windows installation.

Solution 2: Scan the Malware Attack

Scan the Whole quickbooks to save the files from Malware Attack. Preventing from Malware attack, save from clicking on the links and downloading the attachment that is sent by the senders. Sometimes It robust and updated firewalls are occurred to prevent the transfer of large data files over the Net connectivity that may a cause of malware. so, scan the whole to save from the malware attack.

Solution 3: With the use of Disk Cleanup, Clean your System

  • Clean up your system with clean the unnecessary files & Folder.
  • To run this system Cleanup task Go to the: Desktop/PC/Windows.
  • Start> Type Command button then Hold Ctrl+shift on the keyboard then hit Enter.
  • You will show a pop-up Dialogue box, Here you have to Click Yes.
  • Then A black box appears on your screen.
  • Type”Cleanmgr” and press enter and release.
  • Here, you should clean up the whole unwanted files, folders, and media.
  • Select all the unnecessary files. and check the checkbox to clean.
    Click OK.

Solution 4: Update Device Drivers

Continuously Updating the device driver of your system can help you to fix the quickbooks error 3140. So, you have to update your device drivers monthly.


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