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All About QuickBooks Student Discount

March 27, 2024

QuickBooks is one of the most popular online accounting software which is used by many peoples all around the world. QuickBooks Accounting software is majorly used by the small business sector. QuickBooks Accounting Software is used to manage your clients, vendors, customers and it also provides you the tools to track your income, expenses, and overall company development.

It is often assumed that Quickbooks Accounting software is used by professionals and business owners around the world. But nowadays QuickBooks software is not only used by professionals, it is also used by many students pursuing their accounting courses.

QuickBooks offered a great discount at a reduced price for students who wanted to engage in book-keeping and other accounting activities, QuickBooks also launched some free programs and other accounting activities to provide a better learning environment for young accounting learners. If you are a student and have a query about how to get the cheapest QuickBooks accounting software or how to avail QuickBooks Student Discount.

QuickBooks Accountings for students

Generally, a question arises in every student’s mind before purchasing QuickBooks software: where to buy and which accounting software is best suited for their courses and from where they can find a good discount with QuickBooks Student Discount. So it’s better to contact your computer store and university bookstore for a great discount, prices may vary from time to time so students must compare this software carefully before going to buy the suited one, also one more thing students needs to keep in mind that the software they are buying is genuine not pirated or defective so be careful before making any purchases.

Intuit is providing the free version of QuickBooks desktop to students and teachers to encourage the spirit of learning amongst the youngsters

Students are eligible to download the QuickBooks for free and intuit also provides 1-year of free access to the QuickBooks Accounting + software and on the other hand teachers and educators also get the free non-expiring license of QuickBooks Accounting but the software is only can be installed in schools Labs, not for personal pc.

Now the question arises from where you can buy this software ?? Let’s have a look.

Platforms to Buy QB Accounting Software

There are many different platforms that provide discounts on QuickBooks Accounting Software to help the students to download and buy the software at a minimal charge. Some of these platforms are  –

  • Apple StoreApple is doing magnificent work in this field, students can easily avail offers related to QB Accounting from Apple’s official portal.
  • Microsoft – Microsoft platform is much popular between the students, microsoft provides QuickBooks Accounting software at reasonable prices and verified software
  • QuickBooks Official – Official Website of Intuit QuickBooks Accounting also provides their user an original version of QuickBooks Accounting Software, It offers a very attractive discount on QB Software only for students and teachers. But for getting the discount  students need to fill a form to prove their eligibility.

Now you know the platforms from where you can get the QB software. Now the question is what is the eligibility criteria for the students to get the discount? Let’s talk about it.

QuickBooks Discount Eligibility Scale For Students

Eligibility Criteria for students are as follows:-

  • You must need to be a student first to take an advantage of this offer from a recognised school or college 
  • Your school or college must be providing a full time courses to students in grade K-12

Also, Intuit educational program provides free courses on different versions of QB Accounting in different regions of Canada 

Price Differences For QB Softwares

After discussing the platforms for QB Accounting let’s discuss the price of the software which fluctuate on the basis of the type of software you choose; for example – 

  •  Less Feature Software – If you are going for less feature software as per your need of use it definitely affects the cost as well. Less feature software will be available for less price as compared to fully featured software, and for students for the purpose of learning it is a wise decision to choose the software as per your basic need and do not waste your money on unnecessary unwanted features. 
  • Older Version – Some of the student go for older version of the software due to the price issue they cannot afford the price of the software and it is natural that the older version is less costly than the newest version because the newest version is upgraded
  • Pirated Version – It is not suggested to the students to buy the pirated version of the software some platforms may sell you the pirated version on the unbelievable discount beware of these frauds. The pirated software issue is quite common these days so it is suggested to the students to buy a software from a reliable platform and also check the review of the other costumes and do not rush to buy the software by just seeing the catching discount.
  • 3rd Party purchase – Before going to buy a software from a 3rd party platform must check their past and present reviews from the other customers different platforms having their own policies and prices so it is better to compare first before making any purchases, variations of the prices may also depend upon the version of the software they are providing 

Now after reading all the points discussed here I hope now you don’t have any doubts about how students can buy quickbooks accounting software, or how to avail the best quickbooks student discounts. If you want to know more about student discounts provided by intuit then contact QuickBooks certified ProAdvisors.


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