QuickBooks Student Discount: Tips to get the best offer & discount

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Many students who are pursuing one or more courses based on the field of accounting, bookkeeping or other finance subjects can use Quickbooks and grow their carrier. If you have any requirements of that software and looking for the best QuickBooks student discount, then don’t worry read this complete post by reading this post you will understand how to get the best deals and discounts on Quickbooks accounting software.

All the eligible students, teachers, and schools in the QuickBooks desktop student discount program get access for the free 5-month free trial version of the QuickBooks desktop for Accountant and a non-expiry license is also available for teachers and schools. It’s important to note that you can only install the non-expiry QB desktop version on the college and school computers. QuickBooks Desktop cannot be downloaded and installed to the student’s personal computer or any device.

How to Download QuickBooks accounting software with best QuickBooks student discount

Now, After knowing that you are eligible and deciding what kind of discounts you are getting it’s time to choose from where you can grab the best offers and discounts.
There are two ways you can purchase the software.

  • Online service provider.
  • Offline service provider.

Let’s discuss perks of methods in detail

Online service provider

This is the easiest and efficient way to buy QuickBooks accounting software. If you are short on time and don’t want to waste energy and time in comparing the offers provided by the different sellers then you can go for this for sure.

There is Intuit QuickBooks official website or portals and other third-party service providers are also available in the market from where you can buy the software according to your requirements.

Some of the renowned and most extensively used service providers are given below.

  • Intuit QuickBooks official website and portals: is the best online portal through which you can get your software for free very easily. You just need to visit Intuit official website and register yourself either as an educator or a student and start downloading the software.
  • Microsoft Products: Students can buy their QuickBooks accounting software from their portal. They are providing good offers for the students. They also provide a certificate of authenticity.
  • Apple store (Education): Apple store is also helping the students to get them the best offers available on QB accounting software. If you are a Mac user then you can also browse through their various Quickbooks mac student discounts schemes.

Some online third parties also provide student discount coupon codes which help you in further price reduction on the offered value.

Offline service provider

If you are good with some research and comparison of offers provided by the sellers then it will prove very cost-effective if you buy the QuickBooks accounting software from an offline third party service provider. They provide various kinds of variations in the offer according to your requirements and specifications. Every individual may have their own estimation of pricing and modification in services they offer so you need to set your preferences and then find an offer that is suitable for you.

There are some useful tips if you are purchasing software from the third party.

  • Pirated software: This is one of the most common issues anyone faces if you’re going to purchase a software there is always a risk that it could be a duplicate software. So always buy from a reliable source and if you are still in doubt then always consult and take advice from experts before buying.
  • Old versions: You might get stuck with the older version even though it might be available at a much lower price. So don’t get deceived by such a trick and keep your knowledge up-to-date.
  • Fewer features: You may get the same application at a lower price because there is a possibility that a number of features offered to you is also less. TherSo the thing is before applying for QuickBooks Student Discount program you should review and compare the offers and prices provided by the different service providers and purchase the accounting software by keeping your needs and specifications in mind.
  • Before, check the software before you purchase that all features must be available there of your need.

How Intuit help users with Intuit Education Program:

The Intuit Education Program was created as a part of QuickBooks online education facilities to enable students as well as instructors who wish to make progress on their tax accounting and related skills. The Intuit Education Program gives some versions of this software free of charge to learners and faculty in Canada. These QuickBooks editions have been mentioned below –

In the intuit education program intuit offer many kind of disciount program that we discussed bellow, if you want to know more about any other type of disciout program then read bellow discioused points, by reading bellow discioused points you will know about allkind of disciount programs.

  • Student Discount:  As part of the Intuit Education Program you can be eligible for free or discounted services from Quickbooks if you belong to one of the certified educational institutions. You can find more information by following the link provided.
  • Military Discount: we couldn’t find a specific discount for military or veterans. You can still take advantage of the featured deal at the top of this page which is many times a better discount than other deal programs provide.
  • Teacher Discount: Just like students, if you’re a teacher at a qualifying institution then you can qualify for free versions or discounted monthly pricing. You can search for your school or university on their website. This is part of the Intuit Education program.
  • Nonprofit Discount: follow the link to find any available discounted pricing and plans for Quickbooks Nonprofit edition. The pricing on these special plans can change regularly depending on what other promotions they’re currently running.

We update this page regularly as we find any new discounts. If you have any questions, comments, or know of a discount we missed please leave it below.


With all these opportunities to buy this extremely efficient accounting software at much lower prices, we are sure it will be easier for you to own a copy of this application soon. You can also easily register for one of these versions after a year of use on Intuit’s website. There are multiple rebates and appealing discounts offered to students of accredited universities and colleges in addition. This includes a free trial of QuickBooks Online for one whole year and for QuickBooks Desktop for a period of five months. If you are a high-school student, your teacher shall have to fulfill the educator registration process in order for you to get the software you require. For further details regarding QuickBooks student discount, please let our experts at QB Pro Solution know at any time. We are always up-to-date on information such as this and can guide you accordingly.


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