How to add inventory in QuickBooks Online

How to add inventory in QuickBooks Online?

December 17, 2022

In this article, I am going to tell you about how to add inventory to Quickbooks Online. First, I am going to tell you about what is Quickbooks Online and what is inventory So for knowing this please read this article carefully.

Quickbooks Online: QuickBooks is a full-included business and monetary administration suite complete with instruments for bookkeeping, stock, finance, charge recording, invoicing, ledger following and compromise, cost administration, planning, installment handling, and records receivable and creditor liabilities the board.

Inventory: Inventory is a stock of the item, components parts, and raw materials that the company has they either use in making something or sell to others.

These are some basic things you should know. Now we will move on to how to add inventory in Quickbooks 

Steps to add inventory in Quickbooks Online

In this section, we will know about how you can add inventory to Quickbooks Online

  • First, Open Quickbooks Online in your system.
  • Then move your cursor to the top menu bar where you will see many options like (File, edit, view, Lists, favorite, accountant, company, customer, vendors, employees, and many things).
  • You have to click on lists.
  • Now move your cursor to the down menu bar
  • There also you will get many options like (Items, activities, reports, excel, and attach)
  • Click on items
  • Then in items also you will get many options but you have to click on New
  • After that you will get options:
    • Services
    • Inventory parts
    • Inventory assembly
    • Non-inventory part
    • other charges 
    • Subtotal
    • Group 
    • Discount
    • Payment
    • Sales tax items
    • Sales tax group
  • In these options, you have to select Inventory parts
  • After there will be some information fill it according to you 
  • Then click on Ok
  • Congratulation, You have added inventory successfully

These were some easy steps to add inventory in Quickbooks Online 


Q-1) Can I add inventory in Quickbooks Online from anywhere?

Ans- Yes you can add inventory in Quickbooks Online from anywhere only you need your login credentials of Quickbooks Online.

Q-2) Does QuickBooks have an inventory scanner?

Ans-With the QuickBooks Desktop Mobile App, your group’s Android gadgets become versatile standardized tag scanners. Send requests to laborers on the floor, filter stock, and move information remotely. Print standardized identification names with deal costs to give your clients and representatives the estimating data they need.

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