QuickBooks Error Code 99001

quickbooks Error Code 99001

December 17, 2022

quickbooks Error 99001 is one of the common errors of quickbooks that you can get when the company file opened in a single user mode instead of multi-user mode. This error can affect the system’s potential and also create a risk of losing system files so it is necessary to resolve this error immediately and permanently. Before discussing the solutions to fix this error, let’s give some light to the briefings and reasons for creating this error. If you get a pop of this error and to fix then read bellow discussed and follow carefully, by following these steps you can easily fix the error 99001.

Causes of quickbooks error code 99001

There can be multiple reasons for the error 99001 which is described below:

  • Deleting of files which are related to quickbooks by another program.
  • Having the virus infection or malware which corrupt the program files in the user’s system.
  • Having the corruption or malware in windows registry.
  • Installation process of quickbooks and files are not completed or corrupted.
  • Opening of file in another device in single user mode.
  • Having a file in the read only network folder.
  • Hosting of file on Linux server and using multiple login credentials to the shared folder.
  • Running of file in remote software and host device still shows that the user is still logged in.

Effects of quickbooks error code 99001

The effects that shows ,having the error 99001,in your system are as follows :

  • Freezing or hanging the computer system.
  • Crashing the quickbooks while commanding the same program.
  • Slow performance and response of the device.
  • An error message appeared on the screen and crashes the running window.

Solutions of quickbooks error code 99001

The solutions to get rid of the error 99001 are as follows :

Close conflicting programs

  • Open task manager by pressing the keys altogether ctrl+alt+delete.
  • After opening the task manager, see all the running programs list.
  • Then click the processes tab.
  • Stop the programs one by one and click the end process button.
  • Now observe whenever you end the process the error message recurs or not.
  • After identifying the program which caused the error, end the process and reinstall the application.

Update virus protection program or install latest windows update in the desktop

  • Scan your device properly.
  • If your device hairs any virus infection try to to remove it by updating your virus program.
  • You may also Run Windows update to get the latest virus definition and fix it.

Reinstall your graphics Driver

  • Firstly open your device manager.
  • Then try to locate the graphic driver.
  • uninstall the video card driver by clicking the right button on it.
  • Lastly, restart your computer.

Reinstall runtime libraries

If there is a any updates in the system which may not be e installed properly Intex case follow up the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to programs and features.
  • Find and highlight the package of the file to be uninstalled.
  • After finding the package uninstall the package.
  • After uninstalling, reboot your system.
  • Install the updated package.

Run disk cleanup

Try to free up your device space,so that if the error happens due to a storage issue it can resolve it.

  • Backup your files and free up the space on your hard hard drive.
  • Clear your cache data and reboot your computer.
  • Open your Explorer window and right click on your main directory.
  • Then click properties and select disk cleanup.

IE related runtime error

Reset your browser

  • Click the start button and go to the control panel or you may also click the search bar.
  • Then click on the internet options button.
  • Click on the advanced tab and finally press the reset button.

Disable script debugging and error notifications

  • Go to the advanced tab.
  • Search the disable script debugging radio button.
  • Put a check mark on the same.
  • Then uncheck the ‘display a notification about every script error‘ button.
  • After that click on apply and ok.

Use quickbooks file doctor

  • In the operating system, install the quickbooks file doctor.
  • After installing ,complete the setup process.
  • Open the quickbooks file doctor tool.
  • If the tool fails to launch,then try to launch the file manually.
  • Then from the drop down menu select the company file. In case the user cannot find, then it is suggested to select the browse tab.
  • Check the file option and click on continue tab.
  • At the end, user enter the admin password and click on next button.

Manually resolve the problem

Case1: when the file is open in single user mode on another workstation.

  • Firstly closing quickbooks desktop in all systems.
  • Then open the company file in host system.
  • Go to file menu and select switch to multi user mode.
  • If the problem reoccurs then reboot all workstations.

Case 2: if file is in a read-only network folder

  • Check the company file of hosting computer.
  • Open that folder where the file is saved.
  • Choose properties by right click on the folder.
  • Then go to the security tab.
  • Select the user’s account which facing the issue of login.
  • Then click on edit button and allow full control.
  • Press apply and ok button and save the changes.

Case 3. Closing the remote access

  • Press task manager by right click the taskbar.
  • Go to processes tab.
  • Check that the file you are trying to open is in process or not.
  • Restart your computer if the file is running under that user.

Case 4. If the company file is open in single user mode on the host system.

  • Go to file menu,and press the close company option.
  • Then reopen the company file.
  • After reopening go to the file menu and choose open or restore company option.
  • After complete it, click on the open a company file option and press next button.
  • Then click on your company file.
  • Lastly, click on the open file in muti user mode option and then open it.

We hope that these steps really helps to get rid of the error 99001. If you face the same error even after applying all these steps then feel free to contact our support team.


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