How To Open QuickBooks File Without QuickBooks

It’s not common to open a QBW file without QuickBooks, but sometimes you can’t open or access your company’s file from within QuickBooks. However, you can open your company’s file and view your financial report without QuickBooks.Export Excel features to QuickBooks Export your company’s file to Microsoft Excel and opens it from your new location. This post can help open your company file in your computer, regardless of any version of the QuickBooks software you are using. If you are facing any problem or want to open the QB file without QuickBooks then here you can find the best solution for this. Now you can easily access your computer and open the QB file on your computer.No matter which version of QuickBooks software you are using, you can easily get the best solution and be able to open the QB file without using QuickBooks accounting software.

What is a QuickBooks Company (.QBW) file?

With QuickBooks Company File Extension. QBW is the primary file type in the program that is used to store your financial information, pictures, letters, templates, and logos. You can open the.QBW extension by browsing the file from the tab to the QuickQs desktop. For example, you may need to open a QuickBooks Company (.QBW) file without QuickBooks:

Some cases where you may need to open your company file without QuickBooks are listed below –

  • Switching to a different accounting application is one of the most obvious reasons why you need to open your company’s file without QuickBooks.
  • When you see the “Windows recognizes opening this file” error and ask you to specify the program you want to use to open your company’s file.

In these examples, you need to convert your company’s file to a different file format, which is readable by other applications on Windows. When you export your company’s file in Excel file format, QuickBooks enables you to open it in Microsoft Excel.

Steps to open Qbb file without QuickBooks:

To open Qbb files without QuickBooks, you must follow the steps below:

Can you open Qbb files in any other accounting software? This functionality is provided by not only QuickBooks but all accounting software that is used globally. I also said how to open with files. Qb extension without using QuickBooks.

Open Qbb file without QuickBooks using Excel

  • Open your new Excel sheet.
  • Click the File tab in Excel. If you are new to Excel, you can find the File tab at the top left of the navigation bar.
  • Under the File tab, click the Import tab.
  • A new browser window will open here. Click the browse button and find the.Qbb file on your desktop.
  • Click OK. Now Excel will upload the file and you will be able to view the.Qbb file in .csb format.

Open the Qbb file using Quicken (another accounting software)

  • Open your quick accounting software here.
  • Now click on the File tab on the dashboard and choose the Restore Companies tab.
  • Select the Restore Backup tab and click on Next.
  • Choose on the “Local Backup” tab and go to the next.
  • Now a browser window will open, find the .qbb file and open it.
  • Click on the Save tab and your import will start in Quick.
  • Once opened with your file. The QBW extension has now been changed from QuickBooks to Quicken.

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