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Quickbooks uses different Quickbooks file extensions to store company data and we access that data with Quickbooks anytime from anywhere, but all time we don’t have Quickbooks accounting software to open the QuickBooks company file, and we must need to open. Then in that kind of situation, we need to convert that file into another form like excel. If you want to learn How to Open QuickBooks File Without QuickBooks? or how to open .QBW, .QBB, .QBX, .QBM, QBA.TLG, QBO.TLG, QBY, IIF, ND, DES file extensions without QB, then now you do not need to move anywhere else here we discussed all .qbw, .qbb, or .qbx .qbm extensions and step by step methods to open these file types without Quickbooks.

>>>.qbw is a file type or file extention which is used to store company file in Quickbooks. This file to store all documents related to QuickBooks in your working Windows system. QuickBooks for Windows is the full form of QBW. This file extension is used to store many types of file. Such as, financial record file, loan manager file, business information, logos, images, etc.

>>>To create backup file or store backup file QBB file extention is used.

>>>Quickbooks desktop user uses .qbx file type to send a copy of a company file to the accountant.

How to Open QuickBooks File without QuickBooks

You have stored multiple kinds of files in QuickBooks to store different types of data such as images, financial data, etc

Steps to Open .qbw File without QuickBooks?

If you want to know how to open .qbw file without QuickBooks then, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Browse for the All Programs option in your system through the Windows search bar.
  • And click on the Intuit option given there.
  • Choose the QuickBooks company file which you want to open without QuickBooks or want to export from QuickBooks.
  • Do the right-click on the company file and open it.
  • In the top-left corner there is an option of customer, vendors, or employee option, click on it.
  • Then, press the option of Customer Center.
  • Convert the file ‘.qbw’ into excel format.
  • At the top of the screen, there is an option for Excel. Then, click on the Export Excel.
  • Check all the details shown in the prompt window then, click on the Export button.
  • When a file is converted into excel. Open the file with the Microsoft Excel option.
  • After that, press the option of Data option on the left side of the screen then press the option of other resources option.
  • In the end, find the exported file in the prompt window screen. And, if you didn’t find the file then copy and paste the file to the desktop location, so that you can easily browse the file.
  • After all this, you can open the file when it successfully converts.

Steps to Open .qbb File without QuickBooks?

  • Click on the company file in the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Then, open the file option.
  • After, find the company file using extension ‘.qbb’ then open it.
  • Switch to the single user mode in the File option field.
  • Click on the option of Export in the File option.
  • And press the button of ‘Send the report to the New Excel spreadsheet’.
  • In the final step press the Ok button.

How to open a QBX file

If you want to open QBX in the form of a normal QBW file, then you need to convert the .qbx file to .qbw file.

Steps to convert .qbx file to .qbw file:

  • To convert open .qbx file
  • Then visit the file menu
  • Choose the option “send company file”
  • Then choose “accountant copy”
  • Then click on convert accountant copy to company file or .qbw file
covert account copy to quickbooks file
  • Then select the location in your drive where you want to store the converted file
  • And finally, click on the ok button

How to open qbm file without quickbooks

  • First click on the start menu
  • then click on all program
  • Then after scrolling down click on intuit
  • And then select Quickbooks
  • Then click on open and type the password if asked
  • Then you need to agree for a customer, vendor, employees
  • After that at the top click on the customer center
  • After that go to the excel option
  • Then click on export excel and then export
  • Now you can open the exported file in excel
  • Then search for a QBM file

After reading this you will understand how to open Quickbooks files without Quickbooks? or how to open .qbw, .qbb, or .qbx .qbm or Quickbooks file extensions related to these. But due to any reason if any user is unable to open any kind of file extention and need any additional help for any type of file extention then you must need to get help from an expert or hire or find a certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor Proadvisor will help you to understand about anytype of file extention as well as help you in opening in excel or any other mode.

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