Quickbooks Script Error

Learn How to fix QuickBooks Script Error?

March 27, 2024

If you get stop running this script? error message while managing business with QuickBooks, then absolutely you get a Quickbooks Script Error, it will restrict you from accessing a QuickBooks company file or web page you are trying to load is not loading. This error message says the problem is in a script of this page and sometimes we don’t get any error message that can prove we have a script error that makes it more complex and unidentifiable. If you get a QuickBooks script error message or get bellow mentioned pop up and want to manage and fix that error, then read every single point discussed here, But due to any reason, if you don’t have time to read every single step then call to experts through +1-844-405-0904 number, they will solve script error for you.

Causes QuickBooks Script Errors

Before proceeding to a step-by-step solution to resolve script errors, we just need to understand, why we get this error or what causes the QB script error, due to this below we mentioned all the major causes, to know about all causes read every point discussed here.

  • Importing a deal that has an account that was not created before the import.
  • Importing bill or invoice which has an account different from assets or accounts due.
  • Script Processing function is blocked.
  • If the account name and number are already present.
  • Due to any malware infection.

9 Solutions for resolving Quickbooks Script Error

Here we discussed 9 possible solutions with that you can resolve script error with QB, to fix try steps one after another, with all these 9 possible solutions you can easily resolve this error and easily manage your company file and data.

Solution1: Add intuit as a trusted website:
  • Go to the settings in the top right corner of Internet Explorer.
  • Go to the Security tab In the Tools Section.
  • Click on site Tabs in the trusted site Option.
  • Type  https://*.intuit.com and add the website to the zone field
  • Repeat the same steps and type https://*.quickbooks.com and add it to the zone field.
  • Now Apply the changes and restart the Internet explorer.
Solution2: Disable Add-ons in Internet Explorer:
  • Open the Internet Explorer’s Tools section and go to Internet options.
  • Now select the program option.
  • Go to manage add ons.
  • Select the Disable add-Ons option and hit ok.
Solution3: Clearing Cache Data Of the Browser.
  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Select tools.
  • Click on Internet options & then the general tab.
  • Got to Browsing history Select the Delete Option.
  • Checkmark all the options like history, and temporary internet files.
  • Click on apply and then ok.
Solution4: Clearing the SSL Certificates:
  • In the top right corner of Internet Explorer and go to settings.
  • Select the Clear the SSL State option in the Content Tab.
  • Click OK.
Solution5:Configure security settings of a default security application

If a feature for Blocking any script is enabled in the default windows security application then it should be disabled. Configure the security application or get help from QuickBooks Remote Access.

Solution6: Windows User is Damaged

If a User in Windows is corrupted or damaged, create a fresh new user with equal admin rights to stop getting script errors. This is only applicable if you are getting script errors with every web source.

Solution7: Install the plugin software again

The script processing application could be damaged. Re-installing or repairing the software will fix the issue.

  • Search for installed plugins in the control panel.
  • Reinstall all the plugins like .Net framework and java.
Solution8: Verify Active Scripting & Uninstall Active X

Disabled Active X controls in a high-security level in Internet Explorer

  • Go to Internet options after opening Internet Explorer.
  • Click on the Security tab in the tools.
  • Select the Default Level option and click on Ok
  • Active X can be damaged which prevents the browser from displaying QuickBooks data.
  • Uninstall the file which will unblock access to your QuickBooks file.

Uninstall the ActiveX file in Internet Explorer:

  • In the Internet explorer Clock on Options
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on View Objects
  • Check all currently installed ActiveX files.
  • Locate file name starting with box-like qboax11 or qboax11.dll.
  • Make sure you close all Internet Explorer running windows and delete the located files from the system.
Solution 9: Try to repair QuickBooks Data File

Repair your QuickBooks company file using QuickBooks file doctor. Download and install QuickBooks file doctor from the official QuickBooks download page.


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