Quicken Mobile

Quicken Mobile

December 17, 2022

In today’s world, you can not always keep the desktop close to you to do accounting and bookkeeping work. The only this that is with you all the time is your mobile phone. Quicken Mobile Application allows the user to use Quicken any time and anywhere.

Quicken Mobile Companion app can be used on iPhone, iPad, and any android mobile phone. It can sync all the data with a quicken desktop which makes keeping track of money easy. All your financial data can be accessed through the Quicken Mobile dashboard.

Requirements for Quicken Mobile App

  • Any Android Phone With android os 4 or higher.
  • Any iPhone or iPad with IOS 9 or higher

Advantages of Quicken Mobile Application 

  • Store Receipts through Phone Camera.
  • Your Passcode is protected with 256-bit encryption.
  • Face ID and Touch ID also provide additional security.
  • Access Financial dashboard and data from anywhere.
  • Check Budget anytime to Stop overspending.

Download Quicken App In Mobile

In Android:

  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Search for Quicken.
  • Click on install.
  • After Downloading Open the App And Sign-in with Quicken Account.

In iPhone/iPad:

  • Open the App Store of iPhone/iPad.
  • Search for Quicken.
  • Click on GET to Download the application.
  • Once the App is Installed Log in with your Quicken Account.

Setting Up Mobile Sync

In Windows:

  • Open Quicken Desktop in your Windows.
  • Click on Get Started in the Mobile&Web Tab.
  • Add Accounts Setting will pop up in which you have to select the accounts you want to sync and click Done.
  • Now select Sync Now to Sync Data with the Mobile app.

In Mac:

  • Open Quicken Desktop in the mac os.
  • In the alert, tab click on the gear(Setting)n icon.
  • Now in the Mobile, Wen & Alert tab turn on the sync option.

Now You Should be able to use Quicken Accounts in the Mobile Application

Quicken Mobile Application Overview

Following are the Option that are available on the Over View Screen:

  • Banking and credit account balances Option.
  • Recent transactions Option.
  • Spending by category.
  • Income and expenses for the month.
  • Check the Monthly budgets.

Task That Can Be performed using Quicken Mobile App

  • Allows you to manage your account.
  • You can add and edit the transaction.
  • Helps in tracking the Money.
  • See the Account information.

View Your account:

In the overview screen If You Click on Budget and Credit account you can see the following information:

  • List of all synced accounts.
  • Total Balance.
  • Balance of each Account.
  • Total Balance of the project.

If you click on any account the following information appears:

  • All the transactions Done with this Account.
  • The Sum of all transactions you have done today.
  • The sum of transactions cleared by your bank if the Bank Account is connected to Quicken.
  • The Sum of all the transactions of the account registered.

Adding And Editing the Transaction

To Add a Transactions:

  • Select the Account in the Budget and Credit Account Section.
  • In the Bottom of the screen tap on + icon.
  • Enter the Detail of the transaction and save the transaction.

To Edit the Transaction:

  • Click on the Account in the Budget and credit accounts section.
  • Click on the account for which you want to edit the transaction.
  • Select the transaction and make the changes in it.
  • Save the Transaction.

Splitting the Transactions:

  • Add the transaction for new Split Transaction or Edit if you want to split the old transaction 
    • Follow the steps mentioned above to do so.
  • Turn on Split by clicking on the split button.
  • Enter the necessary detail and save the transaction.

Track Where your money Goes:

  • Click on Month(name of month) Summary.
  • Click on payee if you want to see transactions based on Payee or click on category if you want to see transactions based on the payee.


In the above, we have discussed the Quicken Mobile Companion application Which helps in making the Accounting and bookkeeping work easier and accessible anywhere and it also helps in saving a lot of time so that you don’t need to be sitting in front of a desktop to do all the finance work.


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