Quickbooks Error 15212

How to fix quickbooks Error 15212?

December 17, 2022

quickbooks error 15212 occurs when downloading payroll updates or updating the quickbooks application to the latest release. When the error occurs, you may receive any of the below-given error messages on your screen: The payroll update did not complete successfully. Please try again. You must successfully download the update by the deadline displayed in the Get Updates window., The quickbooks update did not complete successfully., The payroll update did not complete successfully. The location for the shared download is not accessible. The improper installation of the updates can give rise to further issues in the functioning of the program. Therefore, you need to resolve it as soon as possible by reading this article until the end.

What Are The Possible Reasons Behind QuickBookPayroll Error  15212?

quickbooks error 15212 can take place due to the below-given reason:

  • If the download location shared for updates is mapped to a currently unavailable drive
  • When the shared download is switched off’ and the data file is opened from a non-mapped location
  • When the hard disk or remote download location does not have the sufficient disk space

Things To Ensure Before Troubleshooting quickbooks payroll error 15212

Checking with the below-given points can help you to save your time and efforts in the error-resolution.

  • Make sure that you have an active payroll service subscription with quickbooks Desktop.
  • Check if not more than one quickbooks version is installed on the same computer as it can be an erroneous practice.
  • Your Firewall or Internet security does not have restrictive settings; otherwise, they can prevent quickbooks from accessing the Internet.

Solutions to fix quickbooks Error 15212  

Solution 1: Initially, make sure that you have installed the latest update of quickbooks software. If you haven’t then you need to perform the given steps to update quickbooks payroll software.

  • Select Help and then update quickbooks
  • Next click on the options tab
  • Select No when asked for the shared download
  • Then hit on Next button
  • Click on Save and then close
  • At last, download the latest update again.

Solution 2:

The error can also be resolved by remapping the data files to the network drives or by restarting the system. Perform the following steps for remapping your system.

  • You need to restart your system and then start mapping data files to network drives
  • You can remap your network drives via File explorer Click on the Start  this PC  Computer  Map Network Drive
  • Then, you can select the Data file when asked to pick a file for updating the payroll
  • Once remapping is done then restart the system again and check whether the error is rectified or not.

Solution 3:

If the error is not rectified and you are still getting the same error, try the below resolutions to check that the error may rectify at the end

  • Check whether the latest version of quickbooks is updated on the system or not
  • To confirm, go to Help and then Update quickbooks
  • Go to the Options tab and click No for shared download
  • Next, save and close to continue updating the software.

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