Quickbooks Error 3180

How to fix quickbooks error 3180?

December 17, 2022

QuickBooks Error 3180 is a runtime error that can occur when you try to intervene in-between the process of QuickBooks. This error basically belongs to the transactions processed by you using the POS machine.

There was a problem with saving the Journal Transaction

  • quickbooks error message: A/P or A/R detail line have a vendor
  • quickbooks error message: The posting account is invalid
  • There was an error when saving a Sales Receipt
  • Sales tax detail line must have a Vendo

Causes Of quickbooks Error 3180

There are several possible causes for getting the Error Code 3180 issue. Few are listed below:

  • The error code 3180 Occurs when the QuickBooks Desktop sales tax item is not embedded with any vendor
  • If the account mapping of sales tax payable account is incorrect, then also the specific error issue occurs
  • Another possible cause could be the use of the sale tax payable account to create a paid out
  • Due to one or more items on receipt having the sales tax payable account selected as the target account

As a part of this error, you will receive a message stating status code 3180 on the computer screen and will hinder working for your quickbooks programs. It is very important to resolve this error as fast as possible to maintain the function of quickbooks smoothly. Based on its causes, you can eradicate this problem so easily. Hence, let’s do it!

Solutions to Eliminate quickbooks Error 3180

These are the several potential solutions you can go through to get rid of the Error Code 3180 in quickbooks.

Solution 1:

  • The first step is to navigator On the Point of Sales field, Click Sales History
  • using an account other than A/P or A/R, Re-create the Paid Out

Solution 2:

  • Go to the File menu, select Preferences, and click Company
  • Under Financial, Click on the Accounts
  • You have to run a financial exchange.

Solution 3:

  • Click Item List From the Lists menu
  • In the list Check each Point of Sale Item and ensure every item is using the appropriate account.

Solution 4:

  • Click Customer and Vendor Profile Lists, From the Lists menu of your quickbooks Desktop and click Payment Method List
  • You have to Right-click the Cash method

Solution 5:

  • Select Item List, Form the Lists menu of your quickbooks Desktop
  • Click on include inactive
  • To sort the list, click the Type header
  • You have to rename the Point of Sale payment items.
  • With POS Right-click the payment item that begins and select Edit Items
  • To the item name (e.g. OLD POS Visa Credit Card, Add OLD
  • Click on

Solution 6:

  • Click Item List, From the List menu of your quickbooks Desktop,
  • Click on Include Inactive
  • Make sure all sales tax items have a tax agency attached to them.

Solution 7:

  • Select Preferences, From the File menu of your Point of Sale and click Company.
  • Under Financial, Click on Accounts
  • Verify the Basic and Advanced tabs.
  • Make sure that QB Sales Tax Payable is only listed in the sales tax row. If not, change it and run a financial exchange.

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