Guidelines: How to Use the QuickBooks Conversion Tool

Get a great benefit and tools features, the QuickBooks Provides the QuickBooks Conversion Tool using these tools you can manage your business, it helps to start your carrier in the business field all company reports and invoices creates tools is provided by QuickBooks.

The conversion tools help to convert the QuickBooks company file into another program without making compromises on data security. The conversion tools perform this complex action without any lost data for instance support it also converts to the Quicken 2017, QuickBooks Pro/Premier etc through the conversion tools.

Data conversion from the old system to QuickBooks also causes the risk of all the integrity of your existing account data, keeping the integrity of your QuickBooks Account then you can use the conversion tools to convert the program easily without losing any information it can be converted. Here in our blog, we explain what is QuickBooks desktop conversion tool and hoe to use the conversion tools all the information given below in our blog following are:

Features of QuickBooks Conversion Tool

Here we define the features to convert the data into any program file the advanced features are following are:

  • It helps to set up a process to convert QuickBooks files.
  • Import your data from the New QuickBooks Company File.
  • Your existing data file cannot be changed.
  • When the file is converting it does not compromise on data security.
  • For your business capture the current state.
  • It can give an offer a choice to import the list and list plus balance or historical transactions.
  • Create a log file to create the conversion process to keep your all records.

Advantages of QB Conversion Tools

Now here we define the advantages of conversion tools it can be used mostly to import your data into other program files the benefits is following are:

  • This tool helps to convert the setup process.
  • It will easily import your data from the new QuickBooks Company.
  • Easily and fastly convert the data without loss integration security.
  • Multiple files that can be converted easily
  • Easily manage your business with conversion tools.

Disadvantages of Conversion Tools

Here we explain some disadvantages of QuickBooks desktop conversion tool that are following as:

  • There are certain limitations about importing your data, transaction, account balances so on. Different financial software into QuickBooks, it converts the employes list information that includes the social security number and also the payroll general information that is converted with high security.
  • Individual employee wages, job costing, Payroll items and so on related items cannot be converted.

System Requirement for QuickBooks Conversion Tools

When you install the QuickBooks and conversion tool kit the systems get require some features that are following are:

  • QuickBooks software has properly installed and registered.
  • MS Office Accounting 2008, Peachtree, Microsoft SBA 2006 must be installed correctly in the system.
  • The operating system used like Window Vista, XP, Window 7,8,10, etc.
  • It needs the 512 Mb ram or more.
  • Also installed the .Net 2.0 Framework.

Steps to Convert data with the QuickBooks Conversion Tools

Now explain how to use the QB Conversion Tools steps by steps we convert the QuickBooks data from another Program files the steps is following are:

  • Double Click on the conversion Tools icon and get open the application.
  • You have to choose one option from my own company or my client company and next to proceed.
  • Then select the legacy accounting software from the dropdown and that you are going to convert it.
  • Then click on the Next.
  • Using the Browse option and select the company file and click to next to proceed.
  • ┬áNow select your QuickBooks edition and change the location where you want to save your company file then click to continue.
  • Between the list and transaction or List only, you have to choose the conversion level then click to next.
  • Now Choosing the Accounting preference on the basis of date and name then click to next proceed.
  • Check your all details and rectify the error, if there is no error arrived then click to the start button.
  • It will take sometimes to convert because it based on file size now you will see your file is converted.
  • Then click to the Finish button.

How to Convert the Quicken to QuickBooks Conversion Tool

Here we also explain the converting process of Quicken to QuickBooks conversion tool the steps are following as:

  • Use the conversion tools to convert Quicken 2012 to a preferred version of QuickBooks like QuickBooks desktop 2018, or QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 18.0 so on the latest version of QuickBooks get converted.
  • QuickBooks while converting from Quicken 2018 to QuickBooks Desktop 2018 then use conversion tools only.
  • You make sure the Quicken data file is updated to converted into the QuickBooks desktop latest version.

How to convert Sage50 to QuickBooks

Now we can explain the sage 50 to QuickBooks desktop it will also use the conversion tools to convert its file into QuickBooks some steps are following as:

  • Go to the Sage 50 Company file you want to convert it.
  • Now you have to go source company file selection.
  • Check the result when finished the conversion process.


We get to explain all the steps in the above detail real our blog and you also used the QuickBooks conversion tools to convert your log or another program file. Make sure you get easily converted our file with the help of our blog if you got a problem then contact our QuickBooks online customer support number.

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