QuickBooks Pro Accounting Software

QuickBooks Pro Accounting Software

February 21, 2023

QuickBooks Pro Accounting Software is designed by Intuit, which can save your lots of time and handle your business in an easy way. The users who are using quickbooks Desktop Pro accounting software experienced that they can now organize their business finances from one place and identify your requirements. With the help of this accounting software, you can create invoices, track the sales and expenses of your company. In this blog, you will find many interesting features of quickbooks Pro Accounting Software that are helpful for your business.

You can configure your Quickbooks Pro Accounting

New and enhanced features of quickbooks Pro Accounting Software

  • You can arrange your business in the proper manner by sitting at one place.
  • In this accounting software, you can work now with multiple currencies.
  • At one time, multiple users can authorize the accounting software.
  • On just one click, you can get all the reports related to sales and taxes.
  • Check out your business performance at the Home screen.
  • You get the notification of due payments so that you can get paid faster.
  • Also, the customer payment process is very simple.
  • Moreover, you get the notification of payroll update if there is any update available.
  • In this software, you can add PO numbers to emails.
  • Also provide webmail system management so that you can easily mail your invoices and statement, etc.


In quickbooks Desktop Pro, you have to pay $32 per month for a single user. And, for 3 users, you have to pay $66 per month.

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In both of these plan you get

  • You can track sales and expenses.
  • Get all the sales and tax reports in one click.
  • Manage accounts payable.
  • Create invoices and expenses like an expert.

And, in QuickBooks Desktop Pro with Payroll. You have to pay $72 per month for a single user. And, for 3 users, you have to pay $106 per month.
And, you get these features:

  • You can track sales and expenses.
  • Get all the sales and tax reports in one click.
  • Manage accounts payable.
  • Create invoices and expenses like an expert.
  • Pay your employees instantly in just three simple steps.
  • Easily cancel payroll taxes.
  • Get all the update notifications so the user doesn’t have to check.

System Requirement:

  • You need these which are mentioned here such as,
  • Windows server of 2008, 2012, 2016, or 2019.
  • Need a 2.4 GHz processor.
  • Windows 8.1 Update 1, or 10 version supported by Microsoft.
  • Optimized 12080 X 1024 screen resolution or higher, supports upto 2 extended monitors.
  • Required 2.5 GB minimum disk space availability (additional space is needed for data files).
  • Need 4 X DVD-ROM drive.
  • Optimized for default DPI settings.
  • Requirement of Internet access for payroll and online features, at least 1Mbps internet speed is required.
  • Product registration is mandator

Services Provided by QuickBooks Desktop Pro Accounting Software

  • Create professional invoicing and do quick payments: With the help of this software, you can easily create invoices and estimates like a pro. The invoices records are for services, products, expenses, and billing time. Easily accept payments from the invoices and send notification for due payments. Check the invoice status regularly, and organize the business in better flow so that it stays on the top of cash flow.
  • Sales Tax Record: You can easily examine which products and which customers are required to give tax. Check the sales tax record for the full month. Execute sales tax liability so that you can find out what you should have to pay of what you owe.
  • Check the Inventory: Whenever you are going out of stock, you will get notification for products and cost of goods. Manage your inventory to the account for avoiding loss and any kind of shrinkage in products.
  • Track your business profit and loss: If you have connected your bank to this accounting software then, you can easily download all the transactions details. You can also get all the previous transaction data in excel format or in other forms. Handle your business with customer, vendor, and employee centers.
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In the quickbooks Desktop Pro, the license of use is limited for 3 years. And after that, you are longer have to authenticate support services such as bank feed, payments, payroll, update of software and security cover. Moreover, if you are using Quicken, Microsoft Excel, Office 365, Gmail, or Outlook then you can easily export your financial data to quickbooks Desktop. Also, with the quickbooks Desktop Pro accounting software, you need to add an annual care plan for $299.

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