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QuickBooks Payroll is accounting software which mainly focuses on small and medium-sized business invented by Intuit Inc. If you have some issues and problems, then you can call us on QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service Number +1-888-883-9555 by dialing our QuickBooks Payroll support can be contacted. You can get the best QuickBooks customer service to fix all your technical and functional issues. QuickBooks payroll software is the most useful accounting service that can execute all payroll operations to run the business smoothly. Payroll is the list of employees of a company and the amount of money (salary, incentives, bonuses, reimbursement) is given, they have to be paid. It is primarily important for employers, employees, and accountants for business purposes. We have a list of gratifying clients who are on the radar of small size companies and start-ups to massive multi-national companies, working in manufacturing and contract sector of industries. We give equal attention to Non-profit organizations as well.

Intuit gives us the three versions of QuickBooks Payroll as per the user’s requirements. basically, every businessman wants to keep your records safe. The three versions of QuickBooks Payroll which are as follows-Basic Version, Enhanced Version, Assisted Version. QuickBooks online offers come with every version of Free QuickBooks Payroll, which prevents you from trapping with a feature that you do not understand. Our professionals have designed the services in an efficient way so that they can provide the necessary solutions to the customers. We are available in QuickBooks Customer Service 24 * 7 You just need to call our QuickBooks Support Phone Number is available on our website. QuickBooks has extended its excessive support to entrepreneurs in cutting costs, otherwise, we have seen earlier how an accountant kept various accounting record files. With the help of QuickBooks, users can maintain records such as recording and reviewing complicated accounting processes.

Welcome to QuickBooks® Payroll Support Help?

Which version of QuickBooks Payroll do you need help for?

QuickBooks Online Payroll Enhanced

Intuit Online Payroll Enhanced is the most popular and comprehensive service and it includes both federal and state taxes. If you want to manage payroll on your own basis than it is the right service for you, and get started and avoid penalties. We will guide you through QuickBooks to setting up your company and employees. If you are able to create it once then you create paychecks in just a few minutes. On payday, just enter your employees hours and approve salaries. Send direct deposits or print paychecks and professional pay stubs. All activities are done just by a click. 

Deductions & contributions

  • How to set up employee deductions and company contributions?
  • How to set up retirement deductions and contributions?
  • How to set up health insurance deductions and contributions?
  • How to set up company contributions to a Health Savings Account (HSA)

Troubleshoot direct deposit issues

  • What’s the cutoff time for approving payroll for direct deposit?
  • What if my pay date falls on a weekend or holiday?
  • How do employees know direct deposit is correctly in their bank accounts?
  • How can I see which paychecks are direct deposit?

Paychecks, pay stubs & Employees

  • How to create paychecks for all employees?
  • How to create one paycheck at a time?
  • How to reimburse for expenses and add a bonus to regular paychecks?
  • [Guide] paycheck print options & how to paychex pay stubs for employees?

Taxes Payments & forms file

  • How to sign up for E-file and e-pay, filing and paying your business taxes?
  • file tax forms overview, file federal tax forms, tax rates, wage bases, agency contact info
  • Online payroll tax and form guide: Hub
  • How to make tax payments electronically?

QuickBooks Online Payroll Full Service

With QB Online Payroll Full Service you don’t have to worry about Payroll Taxes, Intuit maintains it by full accuracy and completes it on time with the team of US-based payroll experts. You just need to enter the employees’ information and we will configure your account including payroll taxes. It is conveniently built right for you with No hassle setup. Our QuickBooks Online Payroll Full Service Support contact number is toll-free, you can call anytime on (800) 365-9618 or you can get full online support from our experts. So what are you thinking for just contact us for the instant solution?

Paychecks & pay stubs

  • How to print checks and pay stubs?
  • How to edit salary amount on a paycheck?
  • What’s termination pay?
  • What’s severance pay?


  • About employees
  • How to add an employee?
  • How to give employees access to their pay stubs online (ViewMyPaycheck)?
  • How to hire new reporting?

Your account

  • How to manage your payroll account?
  • Why change billing account info?
  • How to change account password?
  • What is payroll account fees?

Taxes & forms

  • Supported taxes and forms
  • How to get tax payment and filing info?
  • QuickBooks Desktop & Online Payroll, and Intuit Online Payroll- New customer
  • checklist

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic, Standard & Enhanced

With QB Desktop Payroll Basic, Standard & Enhanced it provides a subscription used to enable the payroll feature on your desktop with upgraded/standard services. Enhanced payroll software allows you to do the payment of E-file. We guarantee you to secure your payroll data. For any assistance you can call on our toll-free no. or you can contact our support team online.

E-file & E-pay

  • E-file and E-pay: General Info
  • Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) Enrollment
  • State enrollment to e-file State forms and e-pay State taxes
  • Change bank account for e-payment of tax liabilities (federal or state tax)

Direct deposit

  • Direct Deposit requirements, signup, and activation for QuickBooks Desktop payroll
  • Change your Direct Deposit bank account (desktop payroll)
  • Request a direct deposit limit increase
  • Change Direct Deposit Primary Principal

Payroll & paychecks

  • How will Independence Day and other federal holidays affect my payroll processing?
  • Create paychecks
  • Send Payroll and Direct Deposit paychecks
  • Creating bonus paychecks for QuickBooks Payroll

Taxes & forms

  • How to process payroll tax forms
  • Prepare and print Form 941, Schedule B, and Form 940
  • Taxes and rates: wage bases and limits
  • Deferred compensation limits

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted

With QB Desktop Payroll Assisted we assure you error-free setups, run payroll and filing payroll taxes with guaranteed accuracy. If you want us to handle your payroll you just need to enter your hours we will run payroll for you. If there is a tax issue, we do payroll taxes and filing for you. It has a special feature for you to get free live US-based support from a team of experts. Our team is always there to help, you can speak to our expert by dialing toll-free no. 1 888 883 9555. We assure you 100% satisfaction.

Payroll & paychecks

  • How will Independence Day and other federal holidays affect my payroll processing?
  • How to print paychecks?
  • Creating bonus paychecks for QuickBooks Payroll?
  • Create termination paycheck?

Taxes & forms

  • How to view or print filed tax copies in the Payroll Tax Center?
  • When are copies of my filed payroll tax forms available?
  • What filing periods (years and quarters) are available in the Payroll Tax Center?
  • How QuickBooks calculates payroll taxes and how you can verify tax calculations?

Account maintenance

  • Change payroll administrator, payroll contact, or primary principal for Assisted Payroll
  • Update Payroll Admin information in QuickBooks
  • Change bank account for Assisted Payroll service deductions
  • Recover lost PIN for QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted

Direct deposit

  • How to set up, edit, and remove direct deposit for employees?
  • How to cancel or stop a Direct Deposit paycheck?
  • When do direct deposits post?
  • Why did employee not receive direct deposit?

Intuit Online Payroll Customer Service

With Intuit Online Payroll we give solutions of your each and every query and share information that give a boost to run your business. By following just 3 easy steps you can manage everything on the payroll. You can Pay employees, Pay payroll taxes and File payroll tax forms with this ease you can take your business to a new height. Not giving burden to your pocket we provide you our toll-free helpline no. 1 888 883 9555 contact anytime for any query. Our experts will resolve it in very short time.

Getting Started

  • Payroll 101
  • Paychecks: Overview
  • Employee: Ways to pay your employees or contractors
  • Taxes: Making payments


  • Pay schedule: Overview
  • Paychecks: Creating for all employees
  • Troubleshooting Printing
  • Bonus: Paying on a regular paycheck


  • Payroll reports overview
  • Reports: View a summary of all paychecks
  • Find out what taxes I owe
  • Reports: Finding tax and wage summaries

Taxes and Forms

  • Taxes: Paying overview
  • Taxes: Making payments
  • Get support for tax forms: filing for federal
  • Tax forms: Filing for state

Intuit Full Service Payroll

With Intuit Full Service Payroll we take all the responsibilities and paper work from your hand. Thus, provides you hassle-free payroll for your clients and hands-off payroll for the accountant with guaranteed accuracy. We help your clients in maintaining their accounts and teach them how to submit hours online. By Phone, E-mail or Online chat you can easily reach to our Intuit Full Service Payroll support team for any queries. They can help you with setup questions and much more.

Getting Started

  • Get started with Intuit Full Service Payroll
  • Explore Intuit Full Service Payroll
  • Supported taxes and forms
  • Your to-dos

Taxes and Forms

  • Access taxes and forms
  • Supported taxes and forms
  • State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) overview
  • Federal and state tax letters or notices

Export to QuickBooks

  • How to set up Export to QuickBooks (IIF)?
  • How to set up Export to QuickBooks?
  • How to resolve export problems (IIF)?
  • How to edit export settings?

Company details

  • Change legal address?
  • Change legal or Doing Business As (DBA) name?
  • Change entity type?
  • Change principal officer?

Some tutorials and resources for you

Services Provided By QuickBooks payroll

Our QuickBooks Customer Support Team helps you to deal with any issue related to QuickBooks Payroll. When it comes to errors, there are so many errors which you can faces when you are using this software. So, That’s Why we are here to help you in any location and condition. QuickBooks payroll software and services handle everything from employee wages to contractor dues accurately. It gives you free options to choose from at the time of making payment. Whether running a paperless business or sending old school checks, Intuit Payroll has so many tools required by you to make payroll a snap.

QuickBooks Payroll is a major attraction for professional development that can help companies to pay their employees on time without taking extra time. With QuickBooks payroll, businesses are very easy to settle payments with their employees efficiently and effectively. Users can generate unlimited paycheck by calculating payroll and automating many more accounting activities. The QuickBooks version is also popular for top-level support of live experts.

QuickBooks Payroll Assistance

Quickbooks payroll software has capabilities like tax computations in just a second to push of a button. In case of any type of payroll technical help, contact Currace.com and get immediate solutions for payroll errors and queries. You can easy to get the direct deposits, finished federal and state forms, electronically pay and documents taxes with email reminders of the taxes and forms.

Integrate Payroll Data to QuickBooks

The Software can be Configured for QuickBooks from the reporting- Configure QuickBooks Data export, Programmed transfer, company file access, import payroll data, deductions can be plotted to suitable account; all of this can be done by Integration of payroll data to QuickBooks accounting software. It saves time. QuickBooks Payroll Support makes everything less complicated through integrating with QuickBooks to effortlessly organize the pay slip, wage, and tax pay in your accounting software.

Secure your Payroll Data with QB

QuickBooks keeps your finance information protected and secured by utilizing industry-perceived security shields. You can easily set the password to protecting your financial records. It is vital to keep your delicate finance information secure. QuickBooks Payroll utilizes progressive encryption innovation to secure your information, run security keeps an eye on consistent premise and furthermore offer various consent levels with QB to restrict the entrance of the client.

File Taxes Using Intuit Enhanced Payroll

Intuit offers three payroll services for people using the Desktop version. The E-File and Pay option for government and other types of expenses are offered by Intuit Enhanced Payroll software. QuickBooks now fills in tax documents automatically, files and pays taxes in a computerized form with the help of upgraded technology.

Direct deposit with QB Payroll

For direct deposit of QB payroll a presently supported model of quick books, a QuickBooks payroll subscription, its activation, federal corporation identity number, and strong net access is needed. Our QuickBooks services afford simple payroll direct deposit solution that integrates with the quick books software program.

Multi Accountant using QuickBooks Payroll

Control your business end-to-end with QuickBooks payroll software program utilized by more than one accountants. if you are an accountant and Bookkeeper, you will have the option to add your multiple accounts or clients with QuickBooks. QuickBooks can be used to system payroll by means of multiple accountants.

QuickBooks Payroll on Clouds

QuickBooks Payroll on Clouds helps when you have to deal with several employees. The other features are TDS and Payroll compliance, reporting & analytics, leave management, etc. All your problems and queries related to QB payroll on clouds will be resolved by Currace expert team.

QuickBooks Payroll for Desktop

Quickbooks payroll provider is a subscription used to enable the payroll features on your QuickBooks Desktop Software program. Depending on the features you require, you can choose from Basic, Enhanced or Assisted Payroll. Guidance from Currace.com will help you resolve payroll issues.

QuickBooks Payroll for Mac

Organize your data and Get rapid business data analysis with QuickBooks Payroll for Mac. The simple yet elegant user interface of Mac in collaboration with the effective accounting functionalities presented by QB payroll can be extremely helpful for your business. Currace support team will assist you in resolving any technical or functional issues at the time of using QB payroll.

QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service

QuickBooks Payroll improves business operations and accounting by allowing firms to correctly and successfully manage Payroll for employees. It does not just manage electronic payments but also allows users to control their employee-related taxes. For any issues pertaining to QB Payroll, feel free to get in touch with us.

Benefits of using QuickBooks Payroll Services

Processing of payroll is a slow or tedious task which may initially cause many connecting issues. With QuickBooks payroll services, you will be able to connect with some of the most valuable games or online salespeople. A third party payroll service company can reduce the amount of cash used by the labor work done in payroll processing. However, with our QuickBooks payroll support, you can keep your work or activities calm.

In many cases, the process of payroll manually is a time taken task. The payroll software program needs to be updated from time to time. Direct debit deposits are beneficial for third-party payroll service providers. It does not affect the issues of dealing with falling now, but apart from this, this character gives the technique to test the payroll. Enables unattainable success of proprietors of small enterprises to succeed with a high level of a business venture. Our QuickBooks payroll customer support team focuses on customer concerns and tries to solve them on the spot. We always take care of client concern and serve accordingly. Here are Some Benefits of using QuickBooks Payroll services-

  • Immediate paycheck for W-2 employees and 1099 contractors.
  • Preprogrammed or Automatic tax calculation
  • Free direct deposit
  • Federal and state forms have been completed for you.
  • Pay electronically at the end of the year including W-2.
  • Free support from payroll experts

Intuit payroll is known for its high-quality support. Whether you need top-level expertise to solve complex issues or only someone who can guide you through the initial setup, QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll Software provides the best team of experts to get you. These small companies can take advantage of the first rate of payroll offer, just like big companies. It terminates the commercial abuse of an in-resident payroll person. Not only is it easy to provide payroll, but it also provides the flexibility that meets the owner’s commercial enterprise model, so that you do not lack the facilities at a large scale.

The Approach of QuickBooks Payroll Support

We deliver the best QuickBooks Payroll Services so that if you want to resolve your any problem with QuickBooks and with payroll product, in that condition You can send your query on our QuickBooks Email Support. We are always available on different platforms. Our quick payroll support focuses on customer concerns and tries to solve them on the spot. We always take care of client concern and serve accordingly.

Here are some service approaches-

  • 24 × 7 availability
  • Help in install software
  • Solve software issues
  • Complete customer satisfaction
  • call to action
  • We always focus on providing quality services to resolve all customer issues.

The QuickBooks payroll software has hiring tools as well to help businesses in accessing valuable advice and guides to attract and acquire top talents. Intuit Payroll improves the cash flow of your business by giving you a guarantee that you compensate your workers in a better way. With the payroll services, you only pay what you give to your employees. you can call any time at our QuickBooks customer support number +1-888-883-9555. to get the best solution from our QuickBooks payroll services.

Features of Payroll Support Services

A QuickBooks payroll Software is an accounting or financial software that you can easily install on your desktop. This is the software where you do your invoicing, bookkeeping, and billing all in one place. You can easily track sales and expenses, accept payments, scan receipts for Tax time.

Some Features of QuickBooks Payroll

  • Payroll and accounting Updates- These payroll updates are the most current, accurate rates and calculations for supported state and federal tax tables, payroll tax forms and e-files and salary options.
  • Make paycheck- Make paycheck with automatic tax calculation Print and Hand them over to your employees.
  • Direct deposit for employees- You have the option to pay your employee’s payroll directly to your employee’s checking or savings bank account.
  • ViewMyPaycheck Services ViewMyPaycheck is a website, which makes it easy for employers to provide 24/7 online access to employees for their paycheck information. No more printing and mailing salary or damaged payment stubs. Employees can easily sign in to their ViewMyPaycheck account and can view any current or pre-paid services.
  • Federal form- With QuickBooks Payroll Standard and Enhanced Payroll, QuickBooks Desktop fills in the latest W-2, 94x form, 1099/1096 form, and other federal forms. With just a few clicks, you can print the form in QuickBooks and match the appropriate federal agencies. With QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted, the file will be free and pay taxes for you.
  • State Forms- Along with an increased payroll, QuickBooks Desktop automatically fills in the latest State tax form. QuickBooks Desktop will help you process forms and stay in the rules of your state. With Assisted Payroll, freely input the file and pay taxes for you.
  • E-files and e-pay- You can easily set the filing method of your federal and state forms. In addition, you can set the payment method for e-Pay to your fixed Federal and State Tax Payments. QuickBooks Desktop, in easy taxing agencies. This QuickBooks is available in Payroll Enhance and select states only.
  • Intuit Workers Compensation Paid Service- You do not prepay anything by joining your workers’ comp and payroll system, the Worker Compensation Payment Service automatically pays your workers premiums for each payment period based on your actual payroll data.
  • No tax penalties guaranteed with QuickBooks Desktop- No penalty is guaranteed with QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted: If the data you provide is timely and adequately funded in your account, your payroll tax deposit and filing will be more accurate on time or we may The resulting payroll check will pay the penalty.
  • After-the-Fact Payroll- QuickBooks Desktop After-the-Fact Payroll allows accountants to efficiently enter, validate, and adjust all the fact-pay-checks from the same spreadsheet-style screen.
  • Make Tax Form for Customers on Standard or Basic Payroll- Build federal and state tax forms for customers with basic or standard payroll subscriptions. Make Tax Forms for Quickbooks Payroll Extended Standard or Basic Customers Use QuickBooks to Increase Payroll Accountants.
  • Customer Prepared Payroll Report- Customer-ready reports enable the accountant to easily provide professional-look paper records of each payroll run and analyze customer’s payroll costs at the end of the monthly, quarterly and yearly.
  • Calculate salaries and Pay Slips- In QuickBooks Payroll Services, It generates the pay slips and calculating the salaries automatically. And also generates the accurate PT(Profession Tax), PF(Provident Fund), TSI and TDS reports.
  • Filing as a reporting agent- QuickBooks provides the ability to file as the desktop authorized e-file provider.

Some Issues and Errors with QuickBooks Payroll

Although QuickBooks provides a useful tool for QuickBooks users in the field of payroll business, some hits and issues can ever be generated after use. All these issues or errors become a big loss for the users, which are set back in the highly reputed format of QuickBooks accounting software. But by dialing our QuickBooks Payroll phone number, you can get rid of the errors of QuickBooks Payroll. Supporting our QuickBooks has been highly appreciated and appreciated by most QuickBooks users. Issues related to payroll can be taken by our QuickBooks Payroll Customer Support Team for a very short time, compared to other support providers, without any doubt you will get the best offer of QuickBooks Support Services.

Our QuickBooks Support Number has given a completely new direction for the business, even beginners have adopted the right path to improving their accounting areas. Take a look at QuickBooks payroll issues that have been fixed by our QuickBooks Technical Support Team in some time:

  • QuickBooks Payroll Error PS077
  • QuickBooks Payroll Error PS107
  • QuickBooks Payroll Error PS032
  • QuickBooks Payroll Error PS15240
  • QuickBooks Payroll Service Error
  • QuickBooks Payroll Error 30159
  • Error code 30159 in QuickBooks payroll
  • Issues of Direct Deposit, Signing Up and Activating QuickBooks Enhanced  Payroll
  • QuickBooks Desktop Update Errors
  • Problems while changing or fixing your forgotten passwords
  • Trouble creating time sheets and date time reports
  • Batch Issue and Deal Delay in QuickBooks Desktop
  • QuickBooks Database Errors in Server Manager

Are You in a Problem With Intuit Products And Payroll Services?

You may be interested in knowing the best way to contact the customer support team by dialing the QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number +1-888-883-9555. Welcome to 24 * 7  for QuickBooks to use different support services.

How to get technical support for QuickBooks Payroll

Get technical QuickBooks support If you get any problem with QuickBooks services. You can directly call our toll-free number(Toll-Free: +1-888-883-9555). An instant solution to the problems arises the need for QuickBooks Payroll Expert. Users can also find the solution by searching the web but the result they will get will be in the text format which most of the users do not like to read.

A Payroll is a list of companies employee. It is an instant work to do but if a user is stuck between the process he needs to get the textual solutions will not be a good option. Just dialing customer service number and getting an instant solution to the problem is the best thing at that moment of time.

Payroll Processing helps to manage the payment of wages by a company to its employees. Payroll processing includes gathering employee time information for a selected time period, managing records.

Advantage of QuickBooks support phone number

Advantage of having a QuickBooks Payroll Support number is that you can call anytime in our support number for any type of query related to QuickBooks Payroll. It is well-constructed accounting software designed by Intuit. Despite that sometimes several technical issues can occur disturbance in ongoing accounting reports and work. Any disturbance can create a time gap in the work which can be expensive for you.

Quickbooks Payroll provides a way to make your employees pay at the time required to pay. QuickBooks software offers an incredibly user-friendly interface for two low price options. This is the perfect time to call on QB Payroll Customer Support Service to get the advantage of our various services:

  • Talk with Intuit certified Proadvisors or Technical experts.
  • Keep employee information in a structured way.
  • Get easily any inquiry to prepare and submit payroll taxes.
  • Easy to use.
  • Feel free to ask any Query related to QuickBooks.
  • You can call any time we are always available 24*7.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality of Account’s information.
  • Offer user-friendly interface.

Why should you pick up QuickBooks Support Services

Every Businessman needs a trustworthy Bookkeeping Services and an expert accountant to design, organize and control to make sure that everything is going good or well. Currace provides you the top quality accounting and bookkeeping services. We can get your every call from you when you are in trouble or having some issues with our Bookkeeping system.

By just clicking for QuickBooks Payroll Support we provide you 24*7 customer service without any delay. We have a team of Proadvisors certified from Intuit and solve your each and every problem related to QB in a very short period of time by our technical experts. No need to worry about any query just feel free to ask it is our duty to provide you the best services.

You can also live chat with our US-based payroll experts which are the best option to find any solution. So, our support service is the best as you can get help for QuickBooks Online Payroll. Not only you will be able to save your time, but also you can get the best ideas and suggestion to improve your business.

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