QuickBooks Error 6073

How to fix quickbooks Error 6073?

December 17, 2022

quickbooks Error 6073 occurs when a user is using multi-user mode to open the company file. Also occurs when quickbooks is unable to open the file because someone else also opened the same file. It is very time-consuming to remove this error.

If You want to open the company file at the same time so that the user needs to switch to multi-user mode. When the file is located in the read-only network folder. Then tell your system administrator to change file mode.

Petty cash account
Petty cash account
quickbooks error 6073

Causes of quickbooks Error 6073

You can easily fix Error 6073, in few steps, but before moving to solutions we need to know its causes, due to this here we tried to discuss all possible causes of error 6073.

  • When the user is using another system to open the file in single-user mode
  • When the file is not having sufficient permission and is located in the read-only network folder.
  • The file is being accessed using remote software and the host computer sees that the user is still logged in.
  • The files are hosted on a Linux or Unix system and are using more than one set of login details and signing on the shared folder.

Best solutions to fix quickbooks error 6073

If you understand what is error 6073 and when you will get this error, try these methods of solutions to fix this error, if you unable to fix error with anyone then try to fix by following another solution, with all these solutions you will absolutely get solutions of your problem.

Solution 1: Run the quickbooks file doctor

To fix company file and network issues with quickbooks file doctor. Follow this step to run the quickbooks file doctor.

  • Firstly you need to download the quickbooks file doctor and then save in on your system.
  • Then open the file which you have saved on your system which is having the name quickbookstoolhub.exe.
  • Now follow the on screen instruction to install the quickbooks tool hub.
  • After that double click on the icon to open the quickbooks file doctor


quickbooks error 6073 : file doctor

Solution 2: Damaged Network Data files

  • Firstly go to the window explorer 
  • Then navigate the quickbooks company file folder
  • After finding the company file now right-click on the file, which is having.ND extension. 
  • Now choose the rename option from the menu and then rename the.ND extension name with.NDOLD name and then press the enter button
  •  Now open the quickbooks software and then open the company file
  • Then quickbooks will create another new network data file for the company file

Solution 3: Manually resolve the error 6073

If the company file is open in single user mode on another computer

  • Firstly close the quickbooks software from all the systems.
  • Then Open the company file on the Host computer
  • Now Go to the File menu and then select the switch to multi-user mode.
quickbooks error 6073 : switch to multi user mode
  • After that if you face the same issue, then you need to reboot all workstations.

If the company file is open in single use mode on the host computer

  • Firstly Go to the File menu, and then select the company.
  • Then Reopen the company file and then Go to the File menu and then select the open or restore the company option.
quickbooks error 6073: company file
  • Now Select the open company file.
  • Then Choose your company file.
  • Now Select and open a file in multi-user mode.

If your company file is located in read only network folder

  • Firstly Go to the computer which is hosting your company file.
  • Then Open the folder where your file has been saved.
  • Now Click on the folder to open and then select the properties.
  • After that Go to the Security tab.
  • Then Select the user who faces a problem to login and then click on the edit option.
  • Now Checks allow for full control.
  • Then click on the  Apply button.

If the computer is being accessed remotely using (LogMein,GoToMyPc, etc)

Fix the problem from quickbooks tools hub:

  • Firstly Select the program problems in quickbooks tools hub.
  • Then click on the quick fix my problem button.
  • After that Start your quickbooks desktop and then open your file.
quickbooks error 6073 : quick fix

After trying these methods, I hope you can easily fix quickbooks Error 6073. if still, you face an error then you need to contact the technical person. If you have any type of suggestions and advice related to these solutions then leave a comment.


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