QuickBooks Error 111

How to fix QuickBooks Error 111?

March 27, 2024

A few of the top accounting software utilized by small and medium-sized businesses, QuickBooks is the most favored software. It has been designed specifically to provide accounting software to QuickBooks users. However, this product compromise of many technical issues can be troubleshot by a professional. Amongst all the errors that occur in QB – QuickBooks Error 111 is the most common Error. This Error can be resolved easily.

However, a complete comprehensive recovery method is run to solve this error. Basically, when your software faces this error, your display can have a pop-up message- ‘Your QuickBooks is not working’ or ‘Recover the data file’. So, to solve this, you will have to follow some steps and resolve this problem.

Causes of quickbooks Error 111

  • File damage in application system guide to QuickBooks Error -111. The file can be repaired either by restoration or replacing it with some previously saved backup copy of the stored data.
  • The error is a reoccurring one; For the Reson the workflow with its continuous appearances. The QuickBooks software user is constantly at risk of losing financial and operational company data stored in QuickBooks. It is critical to have backup data to prevent any issues created by this Error.

How to fix Quickbooks Error -111?

Below are the Solution steps for QuickBooks Error 111. You can try QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery to solve the problem. Auto Data Recovery is a new feature that is included in QuickBooks 2011 R6 and QuickBooks 2010 R12 but they are only available in Pro and Premier versions. We can use the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery feature to correct this error. The steps to fix this error have to be performed systematically. Follow the steps given below in their series.

Steps to rectify QuickBooks Error -111

  • First of all, run the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery feature, which will include many internal diagnostics on file and some tests. If you see that the file is opening successfully, it is error-free and has passed the test here. If not, a recovery backup will be made in the Auto Data Recovery folder.
  • After this, the ADR’s Action Transaction Log Program will start invoicing all the transactions that were added to the QuickBooks file.
  • Once recovery is done, QuickBooks will make a copy of it. However, if the app is allowing access, the backup file will not be created.
  • You will have two backup files, one that was created 12 hours ago and the other that was created 24 hours ago.
  • The Old file will get automatically deleted from the system.


QuickBooks Error 111 is a common error in QuickBooks. Having a backup of your data is the best resolution to this problem. If you face Auto Data Recovery issues at any point in time and the error does not get fixed you can seek advice from your nearest ProAdvisor to get an effective solution to the problem.


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