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Quickbooks tool hub is the one-stop solution for all Quickbooks accounting software-related issues. It is just a mixer or container of all tools which are used for processing. If you have any problem or issue then you don’t need to go to a proadvisor or technical expert for the solution, you just need to download the Quickbooks Tool Hub, it will automatically detect and resolve the issue that may save time and effort.

Everyone wants a quick and effortless solution to their problem. So tool hub is the best solution for their problem. In this blog, we are going to give you a complete tour of this tool and its installation or downloading process or working.

QuickBooks Tool Hub

Issues which can be fixed with the help of QuickBooks Tool Hub

Here are some common errors that can be easily resolved using this tool:

  • Installation Issue
  • Network and connection issue
  • Issues in company files
  • Performance issue
  • Printing issue
  • Problem with login
  • Quickbooks crashes
  • When 6000 series error occurs
  • When H101, h202, etc occurs 

System requirement for Quickbooks Tool Hub

  • Need dual-core CPU processor
  • Mircosoft software must be installed
  • MS visual c++ redistributable package must be installed

Benefits of using Quickbooks Tool Hub

Quickbooks tool hub is having a lot of benefits. users can enjoy these benefits after downloading the tool hub. some benefits are:

  • QB tool hub removes the error very quickly. It saves our lot of time.
  • Users can get all tools under one roof. No need to download the tool differently.
  • The company file issue is a very serious issue, this issue can be fixed with the help of the tool hub.
  • With the tool hub, you can make your accounting work error-free.

Steps to Download and install the QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • Firstly close the QuickBooks application
  • Then the user needs to download the Quickbook Tool Hub file and save the file in a safe location so that you can easily find it
  • Now open the downloaded file QuickBooksToolHub.exe
download Quickbooks Tool Hub
  • After that, perform the steps that appear on your screen to install
  • Now you need to accept the terms and conditions of the software
QuickBooks tool ub
  • Then the installation process will some few minutes .
Download QuickBooks tool hub
  • Now click on the install button to install the tools hub into your system. Select ‘Install’ from the window.
QuickBooks tools hub
  • Then double-click on the tool Hub icon to run the Tool Hub.
Quickbooks tool hub icon

Working of QuickBooks Tool Hub

The hub consists of a container for the tools, you can choose the tool accordingly and fix your issue or errors. Each tool tab has a collection of tools to resolve the different types of issues:

  •  You need to select the tool which is related to the company file and in case you have error messages while opening your company file or blank lists or missing files. When you click on the company file issue tab then it will redirect you to the Quickbooks file doctor tool and the file doctor will help you in fixing the issue. If you need  additional help then click on Help within the company file tab
Working of Quicbooks Tool Hub
  • If you have any network-related issue such as H202 then you can select the network issue tab. Make sure you must be on your server computer. This tab will allow you to access the Quickbooks Database Server Manager and also helps you in resolving the network issue.
QuickBooks Tool Hub : Network Issues
  • If you have any noticeable performance problems, error 6123, problems with opening programs, and program crashing or suddenly stopped working then you can select the program problem tab. You can also run the “Quick Fix my program” and then utilize this tool to repair common PDF or printing-related issues.
Quickbooks Tool Hub: Program Problem
  • In case if you installing, reinstalling, or uninstalling problems in QuickBooks Desktop then Select the tab named Installation Issues to fix this kind of issue. You can also run the Quickbooks install diagnostic tool which will help you in solving the installation issue automatically and you can also run the clean install tool for the clean installation. 
Quickbooks Tool Hub : Installatio issue
  • If you want to reset your password then select the Password Reset tab. If you have any password-related issues then this tab helps you in fixing the issue.
Quickbooks Tool Hub: Password Reset
  • If you need any type of help and support from our expert then users need to click on the Help and Support tab to contact intuit expert. You can also give feedback also about the tool.


  • Is it free to download the QuickBooks tool hub?

QuickBooks tools hub is a launchpad created by Intuit to detect and resolve the errors and bugs with QuickBooks Desktop. It is free that you can download the tool from the official website of Intuit itself.

  • How to run QuickBooks File Doctor in repair tool hub?

Firstly the user needs to Open up the tool hub, and then navigate to the ‘Company File Issues’ tab in the QuickBooks repair tool to run the QuickBooks File Doctor.

  • What are the different tools integrated into the tool hub?

QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool, QuickBooks Database Server Manager, QuickBooks File Doctor are the unique tools that you need to download separately as they get integrated within the tools hub.

  • Is the installation of Quickbooks is easy or difficult

Yes, installation of the Quickbooks very simple and easy, it is very similar to software installation.  Simply you need to download the tool from the official site of intuit and then accept the license of the software and follow the on-screen instruction to install the tool.

After reading this post you can easily use the Quickbooks tool hub and easily fix and resolve the issue. If you need some extra help then you can contact our expert for expert advice or you can hire a Quickbooks ProAdvisor.


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