QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll [Last updated,Pricing, and Support]

December 17, 2022

Intuit offers payroll services for our customers who are using the Desktop version of QuickBooks its basic services provided are: basic payroll, QuickBooks Enhanced  Payroll, and Assisted Payroll. This QuickBooks version calculates the pay bills and all the payroll taxes. With QuickBooks, all business tasks become easier because they provide advanced tools and features. The Quickbooks payroll has a better choice in comparison to the old version of QuickBooks, when you choose this software then you can access and manage your business easily if the company space is large then we recommended the high software to you. The current Enhanced payroll subscription automatically renews at the last of December by Intuit Payroll. The QuickBooks upgrading version from 2016 to 2019 be able the process the intuit online payroll.

Advantage of QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll

  • With Quickbooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced, pay employees and file payroll taxes in 3 easy steps.
  • Use free direct deposit and Create unlimited paychecks.
  • Click to pay and file payroll taxes electronically.
  • Get instant W-2s at year-end.
  • Live support from payroll experts is included.
  • Works within QuickBooks Desktop–no double entry.
  • QB Enhanced Payroll is coming with a 1- year subscription

Features of Updated QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll comes with highly recommended features. Which is listed below-

1. Paycheck construction –

With an automated tax calculation facility; Users can generate paychecks. After that, the accountant has to pay the employees and pay only. This is the smallest usage fee for this. It can be created and sends the estimates and invoices automatically.

2. Compensation Payments –

Basically, Compensation is the total cash payments that are taken by the Company employee for the work they do for your business. The QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll’s newest and most amazing feature for the account book version is an add-on that makes payroll and compensation management easy to use. This is an automatic feature that works according to the data available on the software.

3. Regular Updates –

The tool keeps users updated with the latest upgrades. Therefore, the user is always able to use the most recent rates and calculations for federal and state tables. Also, it takes care of tax forms, e-files, and payment methods.

4. State Forms –

Users can skip e-filing and e-payment work on software. If you want to learn the manual process, keep in touch with QB Pro Solution. The state tax form depends on the different methods like-
For some states- intuit gives the electronic file in the tax form for you along with your electronic tax payment. and other is, they prepare and then fill the form for you, and it can print, sign and send it to your location or address which is provided by you. and one more method is, you’ll need to use original, scannable forms which are provided by the state agency. and then they will provide you with a worksheet. and at the end, you have to just print this worksheet data to the original form. and then they sign and send it to the state agency.

5. Federal Form –

Quickbooks Enhanced Payroll for account-book version automatically populates up to date 1099, W2, and 94x federal forms. This means that the user does not have to worry about filling them.

6. Direct Deposit (1099 Employees and Contractors) –

Use the Direct Deposit option and make a direct payment to the bank. This is a cost-effective and money-saving feature because the device does not really charge for it.

Apart from all this, payroll users get free and high-level support. You can either consult with our official team and find the solution to your all-over issues and problems.

Price or plans of QuickBooks Payroll

The Cost of QuickBooks Payroll is $ 45 / mo + $ 2 / mo per employee (though Intuit generally offers rebates for QuickBooks payroll). The increased payroll QuickBooks Desktop has the do-it-only-payroll option. You can process your payroll and enter your taxes directly through QuickBooks.

Enhanced payroll includes:

  • Instant paycheck
  • Pay W-2 employees
  • Pay 1099 employees
  • Free direct deposit
  • E-filing for W-2
  • Forms of free tax
  • Payroll

If you are comfortable with running payroll and handling the taxes yourself, then the Basic or the Enhanced plan might be the best. If you are not satisfied with your running payroll software don’t waste enough time with an old version of Quickbooks. Try the best and the enhanced version of QuickBooks Payroll.

Security Features in QuickBooks Enhanced

The online payroll security key utility protects your account from fraudulent activity. Specifically, it ensures that changes are made only by an authorized user.

You will be asked to enter a 6-digit security code when attempting to add or edit the following:

  • Entering a Bank Account for an Employee
  • Change Bank Account for an Employee
  • Give the new user access to the payroll account
  • Adding or editing an email address for an authorized user
  • Update or change phone number on an account

If you send a request for the Security Key after then you didn’t use then we will continue to send the same security key for a limited time duration of the day. if it is not used by you at the end of the day, we’ll send you another security key after your other request.

Latest updates in QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll

If you are a subscriber of quickbooks Payroll, You can get all updates over the internet. It is a very simple and easiest way.
The latest payroll update is 21908, it is delivered on March 21, 2019. and the next payroll update is 21908. New Enhanced feature is in Payroll is released including an update for disk delivery to customers.

What is new in Payroll Update 21908

QB Desktop Payroll provides the latest payroll updates for QuickBooks Desktop Payroll users. The new update provides you the most current and accurate rates and calculations for support state and federal tax tables, payroll tax forms and e-file, and payment options.

  • Enhanced Payroll for Accountants payroll subscribers, this payroll update include a federal form that was updated from 941 for Reporting Agents.
  • Standard Enhanced Payroll: This Update is included in Federal forms 941 and 941-V.
  • Enhanced Payroll subscribers, In this Payroll system, include state forms that were added to the two following states: Indiana and Washington. and updated the other following states: Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Washington. and Remove the state of Lowa.

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