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How to customize quickbooks online dashboard?

March 27, 2024

One of the things that make quickbooks so popular is its dashboard. quickbooks dashboard offers many different features. quickbooks Allows it, user, to customize the complete dashboard according to the need. It makes you control what you will see on the homepage. In this article, we will discuss different features available in the quickbooks dashboard and how to customize quickbooks Online Dashboard.

Here Are Some Features of quickbooks Online Dashboard

quickbooks Scorecard: The quickbooks Scorecard shows your financial metrics, and you can also check your account balance, income, due balance paid amount, This dashboard allows you to know the condition of the organization and helps you to plan for upcoming costs.

Profit and Loss: A profit and loss statement records all your revenues and expenses, Profit & Loss records help you to know the ability of the company to generate a profit with the help of a statement. It can also generate charts and graphs for your profit and loss statements to help you understand the Profit and loss statements better.

Customer Income: The customer Income dashboard indicates how much balance is outstanding of your customer. You can also find your least profitable customer and your best customer through this app feature. You can also send customers updates on their remaining payments.

Customer Detail: After the Customer Income dashboard, the Customer Detail dashboard is the next thing. In this dashboard can see the details of one customer at a time, including their balance, accounts receivable, profit, contact information, due balance, and all the other available customer Detail.

Sales: It’s all income! This dashboard shows total income and balance due by month and amount paid. basically, this dashboard allows you to get a picture of money coming in. It also allows users to generate Sales Report with which you can check sales performance through charts and graphs.

Expenses: Like Sales, this dashboard highlights your spending. It includes purchases done in months, purchases made through different accounts, purchases by vendors, upcoming bills due by the vendor, and due date. and a list of bills that are coming due etc.

Receivables and Payables: It displays a 12-month cash flow history, so you can see how much money is needed to pay and how much money is owed. It includes current accounts receivable, payable, and the balance remaining by the customer. and can also send reminders to the customer on their remaining payments.

Budget: The budget report is the most important in the dashboard pack. While all the dashboards tell you what is currently happening, this dashboard tells you if you’re on track to meet your budget or not the dashboard shows you the comparison between last year vs this year’s budget.

How you customize quickbooks online dashboard

This is what a quickbooks user would like to see the most on the homepage screen:

  • One-click reports.
  • One-click invoicing.
  • One-click writes a check.
  • Tasks reminder.
  • Recent activities.
  • Create your own design option.
  • Wipe out of current graphs and bank accounts.
  • Block marketing tips.
  • Sign out from the home page.

There are few steps on How to customize quickbooks online dashboard for other users.

  • Sign in to quickbooks and go to the user profile which has permission to manage users.
  • Select Settings option.
  • Select Manage Users.
  • Find and select the user you want to edit.
  • In the User, type menu selects the new user type.
  • Select the user setting option.
  • Press the save button.
  • Ask the user to sign out and sign in again.

You can’t edit these user permissions. If you need to edit that user, simply deletes them. Then add them again with the correct role.

After completely reading this post I hope now you are aware of How to customize QuickBooks online dashboard? or what is QuickBooks online dashboard, but still after reading this post if you are unable to understand, then you can contact a QuickBooks support team and talk with a certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor or expert.


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