How to change the opening balance in quickbooks

December 17, 2022

quickbooks tool is basically used by smaller firms and consultants to track accounts’ salaries and expenditures.  In this article, you will get a brief knowledge about How to change the opening balance in quickbooks. In the beginning, the current account statement is the first amount in an organization account known as Open balances. The first entry was done when a business started its operations or after a year’s end. Let’s learn about crucial points to remember, how to enter the opening balance in quickbooks Desktop, and how to edit opening balance, among other things. Continue reading to find a solution to your problems.

Important Notes

  • It is advised to contact the accounting specialist prior actual opening balance
  • Moreover during the account creation process:
    • Press F1
    • Then, Select the option title “Should I Enter an Opening Balance?” You can learn about the opening balances in this manner
  • In case you don’t have an amount prior to the quickbooks beginning date 
  • Then, you must not input the opening balance
  • You can update the Opening Balances using one or more GJEs that you may have prepared from the prior fiscal year’s Balance Sheet. This is possible if you start up a business with a date that is delayed than the actual one. If you’re going to use journal entries to track the opening balances, bear the essential points into consideration:
    • Recognize using the opening balance equity as the compensation account to keep diary entries in the balance
    • If you wish to start entering balances at the beginning of the year. Rather than forwarding entries for the specific categories (income, expense, and cost of goods sold (COGS)), it is sufficient to enter from last year’s retained earnings.
    • One can really only input one account owing or accounts receivables operation per journal entry. To load the amount for these accounts, you’ll need to make numerous journal entries.
    • In the dropdown list of annual payment, accounts receivable, and sales tax payable journal entries, always include a vendor or customer name.
    • Users can modify the worth and intensity of inventories on the inventory alteration display. You don’t have to use a diary entry to enter the Inventory Asset balance.

Know How to change the opening balance in quickbooks

quickbooks Opening Balance via Journal Entry

  • Click on General entry from Organisation Menu
  • Now, set the date and enter a number for the journal entry
  • Create an account to be entered, from the account column 
  • Now, in the order that they appear on the balance sheet or trial balance, insert the accounts in your preferred order
  • According to the type of accounts, enter a significant amount in the account balance of the corresponding column
  • Steps 3 and 4 should be repeated for each account
  • Once all the balance have been entered 
  • Make sure that debit and credit column is equal
  • The disparity between the two columns can be compensated using the Opening Balance Equity account
  • Press Ctrl+S to Save
  • Now, close
  • Ensure careful to construct balances for any accounts not shown in the initial general ledger, such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, and sales tax payable
  • create a customized journal entry to allocate the entire balance in the opening balance equity account to the relevant accounts payable and working capital

Step to edit an incorrect opening balance

  • Click on settings
  • Now, Click on Charts of Accounts
  • After this, Locate the account
  • Click on the Action column 
  • Click on View Register
  • Now, open the balance entry that may end of the list
  • Click on the Opening balance entry
  • Change the name. It is recommended that you change the amount immediately on this screen
  • You will now be able to choose the edit option
  • Click on Save
  • If you leave the registration without registering your modification, it will not be saved

Edit Bank, Credit Card and other balance sheet accounts

  • Select the chart of accounts
  • Got to Lists  Menu
  • As per your preference double click and edit
  • In the accounts registration, locate for the initial transaction. In the Payroll, there will be Opening Balance Equity
  • Now edit the date as well as amount
  • To save most of your modifications 
  • Now click on  Record

Edit Income or Expenses Accounts

  • Select the chart of accounts
  • Got to Lists  Menu
  • As per your preference double click and edit
  • Now , change the date to the initial date in the Account QuickReport
  • In case you don’t know the specific start date, select ALL from the Dates drop-down menu
  • This allows the user to search the database for the appropriate transactions, which are usually listed first
  • QuickZoom a transaction by dragging the mouse cursor over it. Double-click the glass rod as soon as it arrives
  • Make all of the necessary adjustments. If the alterations have an impact on the journal entry, the Regular Adjusting Entries transaction requires that the total debits and credits be equal
  • Now click OK


To summarise, get answers to all your queries related to How to change the opening balance in quickbooks. Also, make sure you read all of the important notes. By using Journal Entry and Edits, you can learn about quickbooks Opening Balance.


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