How to get Custom Reports in QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Custom Reports is the most important part of the accounting software it is the backbone of the QuickBooks Accounting Software. In the Custom Reports in QuickBooks Online can personalize the font and style of the report as well as you can customize the report, add and delete the columns, add or remove the details on the header on the footer.

QuickBooks Desktop allows you to tailor the look and content of any company report that you require to generate. Each report and group of reports for available columns and filters differ because each draws details from the company report differently. When filtering the company files, company report sources and targets are particularly significant.

Guidelines for customizing the Custom Reports in QuickBooks Online

Saving Customized Report:

In QBO, save a customized report. On save customization button by a click which is the upper right corner of the report you customized to show a drop-down menu.

Report Naming:

In the custom-report field in the drop-down menu to type a report name.

An Existing customized report group to add this report:

Get the “Add this report to a group” drop-down to choose the name of the report group

Creating a new group report:

  • To add a “New Group Name” field to this drop-down menu, click the adjacent ”Add new group” hyperlink
  • In this field, type a name for the new report group and then click the adjacent “Add” button.
  • Use the “Share with” drop-down to select either “All” or “None” if you want to share this report with others.
  • Save the customized report when work is done then click the save button in the drop-down menu.
  • For finding the save customized reports, in the navigation bar click on the reports.
  • Open to the right click on the “My Custom Reports” link on the page.
  • On this page, you can easily see your reports by your saved customized reports in a list.
  • The reports saved into report groups appear indented below the name of the report in the same list.
  • Get to the group and to expand and collapse the listing of reports within the group, click on the arrow next to the report group’s name.
  • Click on its name inside the list and to run like a report.

Steps to Customize QuickBooks Online Reports

  • Firstly, Get the QuickBooks Dashboard.
  • Then, Run the QuickBooks Report.
  • Now, get the report window, click the customize report.
  • From last, get the modified report window and then get to the tab you need to update and then select ok when you have finished.

Display Tab:

On the company report, the display tab determines the details that will be displayed. There are lots of elements that you can modify that vary depending on the report you run.

Report Date Range:

You can select the dates that the report will cover and select the dates drop-down and then select the available date range or you can manually select the date through choosing the calendar icon in the form and to fields. You get data as of the to date, If you type a to date but leave the from date blank.

Report Basis:

To choose the report basis to choose either accrual or cash radio button.

Accrual Basis:

  • At the time a bookkeeping technique in which you regard income or expense as occurring you send a product, provide a service or get a purchase.
  • In accrual accounting, the time when you actually pay or receive cash may be two separate events and the time when you type a transaction.
  • An accrual-basis report shows expense regardless of whether your buyers have paid your bills, and income regardless of whether your buyers have paid your bills.

Cash Basis:

  • As well as expenses only if you have received cash a cash related report express income.
  • An amount related report does not add the income if you have not received an amount for the bill.


  • You can view QuickBooks Reports such as Balance Sheet and QuickBooks Profit and Loss Report. It only has displays column by drop-down where you can pick how you like the columns to appears across the top.

On the other hand, provide a list that you can use for columns, open invoices company report and unpaid bills type reports. They will also appear in the column list if you create custom fields and those fields were added to your templates and have detail. To choose the column, click on the data. The ones you choose have a verify mark.

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