Update billing information for your QuickBooks Desktop Payroll subscription

How to get Update Billing Information for your QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Subscription

December 17, 2022

You can securely update your payment information for your quickbooks Desktop Payroll Subscription. If you are going to switching your payment method from Credit Card to vice versa. Billing Information updates must be done using quickbooks Online in a web browser. You want to be able to upgrade billing information from the mobile app. quickbooks helps to provides instant and better solutions related to your problems. Here, you can read about how to update billing information for your quickbooks Desktop Payroll Subscription.

Follow the Steps of Update Billing Information for your quickbooks Desktop Payroll Subscription

There are using the following steps (depending on the payment methods, credit card, debit card, and bank account.) to update billing information.

Signup into Account Maintenance Page

You must be signed up into your quickbooks Payroll Account Maintenance page using your intuit Login ID and Password to change your payment details. After sign up for your quickbooks Payroll Maintenance page, you can upgrade your billing information under the Annual payment information box. The level of details may vary depending on your contact role. If you don’t see any details under the Annual Payment Box, that means you are not the current payment contact of the account.

Redact Link

If you can see the current credit card details, you are the payment contact of the company. Click the Edit link to upgrade billing information.

quickbooks update billing information

Update Payment Link

For security and safety purposes, only the payment contact can view the current credit information in quickbooks. Press the change payment link to update your billing information.

quickbooks update billing information 2

Adding Credit Card Link

If you look at the add credit card link in the Annual billing information section, either you have not entered your credit card information or maybe you are using EFT. Click the Add credit card to upgrade your billing information.

update billing information

Edit Card Details

  1. Get on the Settings and choose Account and Settings.
  2. Choose Payment and Subscription.
  3. Choose Edit next to payment methods.
  4. Enter the full card information and verify the payment address in quickbooks Online is the same as the one shown on your credit card statement.
  5. Choose Confirm card.
  6. Choose to save changes.

Get Additional Information of Credit Card

  • If you receive a “The credit card number does not match the card type “error, make sure you enter the complete card number and verify that the credit card type ( Visa, Master Card, Amex ) is correct.
  • To switch between monthly and annual billings, make your selection under Payment Frequency.
  • If you are unable to access or change the details, contact your company Master Admin and ask them to upgrade your user access rights.
  • See what different types of customers can we have in our company for more details.
  • If you have the correct access level to make the updates and you will see the Subscription Billing Option.

To Change your bank account or EFT

You will unable to change your bank account or EFT from the account maintenance page in the EFT payment method. Get the My Account Website and do the given steps to change your billing information.

  1. Signup into My Account. (If you need help signing up, please see My Account: Login help.)
  2. Now, verify that you are opening the right company, otherwise select the right company.
update billing information- my account
  1. In the Manage your quickbooks page, choose the Product & Services you would like to manage.
  2. Choose your payroll service in the Product & Services section.
  3. In the Billing Details section, press the Edit link next to the payment method.
  4. Update your Payment information section and press save and close.
  5. Review your subscription information i.e. subscription type, renewal date, and fee.
  6. Choose the drop-down button next to your company name. Then press sign out.

Payment and Subscription Details for QuickBooks Online

You have to be able to make changes to your QuickBooks Online Subscription. You can see your subscription pricing information, upgrade your credit card, make updates to your billing details, or even cancel your subscription if necessary.

The Account & Setting (or Company Setting) page is the place to locate all the details about your quickbooks Online Account. You can find:

  • The version you are currently subscribed to
  • Subscription status
  • Billing Method
  • Payment frequency
  • Company ID
  • Next Billing Date and Amount
  • Company and Personal Info
  • Update Information

Make Updates to your Subscription

  1. Choose the Gear icon from the top.
  2. Under the company, choose Account and Settings (or Company Settings). Use this page to view or edit:
  • Payment Info
  • Billing History
  • Company info
  • Personal info
  • Upgrade or Add Services

See Payment Charges or Subscription Updates

  1. Choose the Gear icon from the top.
  2. Under your company, Choose Account, and Settings (or Company Settings).
  3. Choose Payment & Subscription from the left menu.
  4. Choose the view billing history link.
  5. Filter by Incident or Date Range if necessary.

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