Transfer QuickBooks License to a new Owner

How to Transfer quickbooks license to the new owner

December 17, 2022

QB accounting software is non-transferable and it is protected by the Intuit copyright laws and only an authorized user can install and use QB software, but there are few conditions where Intuit allows the user to transfer the license and for that, the user needs to fill a “transfer the license” form in order to transfer the license to a new user and this form is reviewed by Intuit after submission. Once you submitted your license transferring request you will be notified by Intuit via Email within one to two days. If you want to transfer the quickbooks license to the new owner, then this article of is best for you, here we discussed How to transfer a quickbooks license to the new owner in different-different situations.

Method to Transfer quickbooks license to the new owner in different situation

There are a few situations where Intuit allows the users to transfer their license to the new user and the following situations are as follows – 

  1. If business is sold along with assets
  2. User donating the software to non-profitable organisation
  3. Incorrect user information

Condition 1. If the business is sold along with assets 

This condition occurs when the user wants to sell his business to another firm along with all his assets, on this condition user may transfer the license of the accounting software and in order to complete the process both the parties needs to fill “transfer the license” form and along with this form both the parties also needs to sign and submit the Notarized bill of sale.

Condition 2 – In case of Donation 

In this condition, if the user wants to donate his business to the non-profitable organization along with his assets then the user needs to fill 501C form and submit it to the quickbooks from IRS to safely transfer the license.

Condition 3 – Incorrect user information

In case the user provides the incorrect owner information accidentally while registering for the quickbooks Products if this thing happens when the user needs to contact the support team and provide them a copy of the purchase as proof to rectify the information.

Things To Keep In Mind While Transferring The License

There are few things you need to keep in mind for the safe and secure transfer 

  • You need a stable internet connection to get the job done. If your internet connection breaks down it may affect your data while transferring.
  • Do not use the quickbook accounts when you are transferring the data, stop the application and let the data process be done.
  • It is suggested to rename your files before transferring it to another platform. It may help you to recognise that all the data is transferred safely or not.
  • It is advised to perform a full antivirus scan after compilation of the data to to save the file from any online virus that may appear during the data transfer process.
  • You need to be careful and alert while transferring the data and recheck your old version to ensure that all the data you want to transfer is safely moved to another platform.

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