Quickbooks Error 502

How To Resolve quickbooks Error 502

December 17, 2022

QuickBooks Error 502 is a Bad Gateway error. It not only affects QuickBooks but, it also harms various web-based applications and plug-ins. The error mainly occurs when the server doesn’t respond to the command or projects an invalid response. It may also happen due to a full cache memory. The cache memory gets loaded automatically with the data of the web page that you visit. If the cache memory gets full automatically, it doesn’t let the software respond and causes the Error Message 502. Just clear the cache and the error message will automatically disappear. But sometimes, you may require additional troubleshooting steps to get the issue fixed.

Users can encounter the quickbooks Error 502 in the following operations:

  • When running Payroll
  • When trying to log into an online app
  • When updating the quickbooks app
  • When downloading and viewing forms in the browser

Causes of quickbooks Error 502

There are several reasons why quickbooks Error 502 occurs. Some of the reasons include:

  • When the Browser cache memory space is full
  • When the quickbooks application cache memory space is full
  • When the official website of Intuit is not added as a trusted site in your browser
  • When the Active Scripting has been turned off in browser settings

Possible Solution of Resolving quickbooks 502: Bad Gateway Error

Through all the causes as well as the symptoms, chances are that a user will have to go through a lot of solutions to completely get sorted from the error pop-ups. So, here are some of all the solutions that will help the user in resolving the queries regarding Error 502 Bad Gateway:

Solution 1: Checking the settings of Active scripting option in case of Internet Explorer

  • Start with Launching the Internet Explorer
  • Now, you will have to select the Internet Option which is located in the Tool menu
  • Here, a security tab will launch and users will have to go to the Internet Icon
  • Lastly, the user will have to select the custom level and then they will have to choose the enable Active Scripting.

Solution 2: Clearing the cache of quickbooks applications

  • Users will have to first launch the quickbooks Online/Desktop
  • Once the application has been launched on the system, select the Reset App Data which is present in the Help Tab
  • Now, the application will start
  • Lastly, the user will have to verify as to whether these errors are still active or not.

Solution 3: By clearing the cache and cookies of the browser

  • quickbooks is available on many browsers. Following are some of the most commonly used internet browsers with the steps required to clear the cache and cookies of the browser:
  • For this, a user will have to start with launching chrome, here you will see three dots which are present at the very right hand
  • Now, the user will have to clear the browsing data option available on the device
  • Now, make sure that the Time range list and the all-time menu watch are perfectly synced with each other.
  • Here, you will have to mark all of the following boxes, other site data, Cookies.
  • Cached images and file
  • Lastly, clean on the clear data option

Solution 4: Access quickbooks account via Web Browser

  • In case the error continues even after carrying out the above steps, then the user can access the quickbooks account via a web browser. The steps involved in this process are as follows:
  • First of all, visit the official site of Intuit i.e. qbo.intuit.com
  • And then, enter the credentials
  • Followed by clicking on Contact us
  • Now, the user needs to enter 502 Gateway in the What can we help you with? field
  • After that click on let’s talk
  • From there, the user can start messaging or get a callback

Solution 5: Manually download the latest transactions

  • For this, the user, first of all, needs to move to the banking menu
  • And then, select the account to be updates
  • After that, hit the update option
  • In case the user encounters any duplicate entries, then, in that case, it is possible that the bank sent them twice. This generally happens after a maintenance update takes place. The user can exclude them from the download transactions page, by carrying out the steps below:
  • First of all, the user needs to move back to the banking page
  • And then, click on for review tab
  • Once done with that mark the duplicate entry
  • Followed by clicking on the batch actions tab, and then select Exclude selected

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