How To Fix quickbooks Error 80070057 [Reasons & Solution]

December 17, 2022

quickbooks is very popular accounting software that is specially designed for small and mid-size businesses, while you are using this software, then you can face quickbooks Error 80070057 appears when the user will try to open the file with the same program. but the file doesn’t open due to some reasons. When you try to open your file with quickbooks 2014. the file shows an error message or you can say a dialog box, where you get the message “80070057: the parameter is incorrect”.

This error indicates that the user is getting QB error 0x80070057 when he opening the file, also indicates that the user doesn’t have any rights to read, create, and delete the company file. In this situation, you don’t need to worry because, on the other hand, there is a smarter and easier quickbooks recovery tool that is user-friendly and they have a self-guiding interface that actually helps the user to perform and resolve the problem faster and the easier way.

Reason for quickbooks Error 80070057

The main reason for quickbooks Error 80070057 is given below:-

  • quickbooks is not able to read your company file because the file extension was changed.
  • You have a third-party firewall that is not allowed to be configured for quickbooks.
  • Maybe you are opening the file by double click on it, but not open it from inside of quickbooks desktop.
  • You are trying to open a portable file but not having quickbooks open.
  • When your quickbooks installation is damaged.
  • When you’re attempting to back up or create a portable file at an abstruse file location.
  • Maybe a firewall application is blocking network ports.
  • If quickbooks detects the damage in your company file at the time of installation of quickbooks.
  • Maybe you are working on a file that is situated in a USB flash drive.

How to Resolve quickbooks Error 80070057

Following these steps and resolve the quickbooks Error 80070057

Step 1. Verify the file name extension

  • Right-click the company file
  • Choose properties
  • Click the quickbooks Tab
  • Now you have to note the file extension in the File-name field and version of quickbooks, in the Last opened with a file.
  • Now click on the ok option.
Change the Extension
  • Create a new folder
  • Copy and paste the company file into a new folder
  • Now, Right-click on the new folder and click rename
  • Convert the file extension into.QBM
  • To save changes you have click anywhere
  • Restore the Portable by opening the QB Desktop
  • If you face problems while opening the QB, change the extension to .qbb
  • quickbooks Desktop Open and restore the backup
  • File does not open then change the extension to .qbx.
  • Open the quickbooks and convert them to an accounting copy
Copy and Paste the Company file into another folder in Flash drive
  • Opening quickbooks Desktop with open the Windows Explorer
  • Get the “File” option, Click right, and choose the new folder
  • Copy the company file.QBW from Flash drive and paste it into a new folder
  • Open quickbooks Desktop and new folder

Step 2. Manage the clean installation of quickbooks Desktop.

  • You have to run a clean install during Uninstall and reinstall quickbooks.

Step 3. If Converting files from Mac to Windows

Use the Backup option in Windows function to convert QB from Macintosh to Windows

Step 4. Download and also run the quickbooks File Doctor on your computer

Step 5. Configure Bitdefender permitted to quickbooks Desktop Communication

  • Firstly, Get the Bitdefender 10.0 main menu and then choose Antivirus
  • Next, select the custom level
  • Select the Exclude path from the scan
  • Next, choose the next item
  • Select the mapped drive or UNC path that is used to browse to the company file.

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