Best Possible Solutions for QuickBooks Error 6000 77

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Quickbooks is the most top-rated accounting software. It’s having user-friendly features and is very easy to use. This software can be used by a normal person who is having a little bit of knowledge. But sometimes user faces so issue which needs to be handled immediately, otherwise, it will interrupt overwork. One of the common issue which most users face that is Quickbooks Error 6000 77. If you face this error at the time of accessing the company file then read this blog. In this blog, we are going to discuss what is Quickbooks Error 6000 77 and how to fix this error.

Quickbooks error 6000 77 occurs when you try to open, access, modify the company file. when you store the company file in some incorrect location then also error occurs. There are several reasons for the error.

Quickbooks Error 6000 77

Occurrence of Quickbooks Error 6000 77

  • File is stored in external disk
  • When permission is not properly granted to company files
  • When there is a communication problem
  • Corrupted log files

Remedies of Quickbooks Error 6000 77

Method 1: Cast the QuickBooks File Doctor(QBFD)

  • Firstly download the Quickbooks file doctor from the intuit official site and save it on your system
  • Then open the downloaded folder and search for QBFD.exe file and then open the file
  • Now begin with the installation process and then accept the terms or conditions of the software
  • The installation process will take some time and then click the finish button when the install is over
  • Now click on the QBFD icon and then run the QBFD. QBFD will detect the problem in the company file automatically and then fix then the problem 
 Quickbooks Error 6000 77 QBFD

Method 2: Relabel the .ND files and .TLG files

.ND and.TLG is the log files. With the help of these files, we can open, edit, and modify the company files in a multi-user mode. When there is a problem is these files then we are not able to access the company file. 

Relabelling of these files does not affect the data of the files. These are the automatically recreated files.  when you open the company file or you scan the file with the Quickbooks Database server manager at that time these files are created.

 Quickbooks Error 6000 77 .ND and .TLG files
  • Firstly open the folder which is having these files
  • Then locate the files in the folder which is having.ND and.TLG extension
  • Now right-click on the file and then choose the rename option from the menu.
  • Then add.OLD with the extension at the end of the list. Do for both.ND and.TLG file

Method 3: Configure the Firewall and Security Settings of software

  • Firstly you need to change the configure the firewall port settings to automatic
  • Then manually change the configure exceptions for all the ports of the firewall
  • Now install the antivirus defenders and reconfigure it properly.
 Quickbooks Error 6000 77 Firewall Settings

Method 4: Recreate Damaged files and folders

  • Firstly you need to create a new folder in the c:/ drive
  • Then open the folder which is having the company files
  • Now search the .qbw files
  • After getting the file, then right-click on the .qbw file and then copy the file by choosing the copy option from the menu
  • Again create a new folder and then paste the .qbw file copied file into that folder
  • Now create access with full permission. So that the users will easily access the company files
  •  At last, you need to open Quickbooks from the new location
Quickbooks Error 6000 77 Files and folders

Method 5: Utilize the UNC path rather then Mapped drive

  • Firstly right-click on the Quickbooks icon and then press and hold the ctrl key from your keyboard to run the Quickbooks as an administrator mode. 
  • You have to hold the ctrl key till no company file will open 
  • Then go to the File menu  and then choose the open and restore company file option and then click on the open the company file and then click on the Next button
  • From the left pane, you need to select the network settings option and then you need to search the company file
  • If you do not get the company file then you need to set the folder permission
  • Now select the company file and after that open the file 

I hope this blog will helps you in removing the Quickbooks error 6000 77. If you still face an error then talk with our expert for expert advice.

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