What are Quickbooks ACH Payments and How it Works?

How to record ACH payments in quickbooks Desktop?

December 17, 2022

In this modern and fast-growing world everyone wants to save their time and needs a short. For that quickbooks come up with a new and amazing feature that is quickbooks ACH payments. In this blog, we are going to discuss what is quickbooks ACH Payments and their various aspects.

quickbooks ACH Payments is a fast, secure, and paper-free form of payment. With help of electronic media, we are able to make payments.

 ACH is an automated clearinghouse & bill payments and direct deposits are the best examples of ACH payments. ACH is can very profitable asset for the business. It saves a lot of time, helps in saving resources, helps in cutting down the error, and helps in accelerating the payment method.

quickbooks ACH Payments are helpful for both small and medium business houses. If you are planning to adopt the method of ACH payment then you should know how to record ACH payment in quickbooks. And here we discussed all ACH Payments in quickbooks, so to know all read the complete post.

Advantage of quickbooks ACH Payment

  • The accuracy level of Payments are high
  • Payments and bills are error-free
  • Payments can be tracked
  • Faster ways of payment processing
  • Payments are safer and secure

quickbooks ACH Payment is simple and easy to use. In this, you keep an eye on the fund’s movement and you can give information to your customer about the funds. It is secure and paperless for you and for your customer.

Steps to Record ACH Payments in quickbooks

Recording ACH payment in quickbooks is having a few methods:

Method 1: 

  • Firstly you have to choose the check or the ACH payment method at the time of recurring sales receipt to receive a payment
  • Then input the details of the customer bank
  • Now you need authorization from the customer
  • You need to fill the form
  • Now do your processing and then get paid

Method 2: 

  • Firstly you need to select the sales tab from the left side of the window
  • Then you need to make sure the invoice option is selected, which is there at the top of the page
  • Now select the receive payment option 
  • After that receive payment window will appear on your screen. Then you can select the add any outstanding transactions option
  • If you have selected any outstanding transaction then you can click on the save and the new option or if you do not add any outstanding transaction then you can click on the save and the close option from the drop-down list
  • Now your ACH payment is recorded in quickbooks.

Working of quickbooks ACH Payments

Method 1: when they receive payment for the selected transaction

For sales receipts

  • Firstly you need to select the create icon
  • Then select the sales receipts
  • Now go to the payment drop-down list and choose the quickbooks payment bank option 

For Returned sales receipts

  • Firstly choose the gear icon
  • Then you need to select the returned transaction from the list
  • Now search the customer returned receipt and then choose the edit button
  • Then select quickbooks payment bank option from the payment method drop-down list

Method 2: Enter the customer bank details

  • Firstly select the enter bank details option
  • Then you need to enter the bank details of the customer like name, account number, account type, etc
  • Now mark the checkbox which is having a label use this account information in the future

Method 3: Get Authorization from Customer

Only those will get the authorization who has saved the customer information for future use.

  • Firstly choose the authorized form and take the print of the authorized form and the signed the form
  • Then select the checkbox button which is having the title I have signed the authorized checkbox to show you have received authorization
  • Now click on the Save button to confirm your action

Method 4: Payment Process

  • Firstly you need to click on the checkbox which is having the title I have authorization and would like to process the transaction in the transaction form.
  • Then you need to check the transaction and save it and then send to transaction copy to the customer
  • You can send it via email and then close it

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