QuickBooks Error 15102

How to fix quickbooks Error 15102?

December 17, 2022

One of the common quickbooks Error 15102 which users often get when downloading a payroll or update quickbooks desktop. In this article, we will discuss its possible causes as well as ways to resolve this error. After applying these given steps, you will able to download the latest payroll update and quickbooks Desktop update.

  • When quickbooks Desktop is running in a terminal services environment in the multi-user mode.
  • When a specified download location is inaccessible or invalid and the shared Download is turned on.
  • This issue also occurs if the user is not logged in as Windows Administrator or running the application as Administrator and using Windows Vista.

Causes Of quickbooks Error 15102

There are different reasons that may evoke quickbooks error 15102 while updating payroll tax tables in the program. Follow the below-given list for the most apparent reasons for the update error-

  • The shared download is turned on, but the download location you have specified is invalid or not accessible
  • Damaged or incomplete installation of the quickbooks software
  • If you run quickbooks in the terminal service environment in multi-user mode, then the error can arise.
  • An outdated version of the software can cause an error in quickbooks
  • You need to log in as admin while running Windows Vista otherwise; the error can be triggered
  • Firewall settings can prevent the update process when it perceives an update as a security threat

Symptoms of quickbooks Error 15102:

When the quickbooks error 15102 occurs, it produces the below-listed symptoms-

  • When you make an unsuccessful attempt to update the payroll, this error appears on the screen
  • You are not able to download an update for your quickbooks payroll subscription service
  • Slow performance of Desktop.
  • quickbooks freezes for a few seconds every time it occurs.
  • When you see these symptoms when updating the software, you need to resolve quickbooks update error 15102 immediately.

The Solution to Resolve the quickbooks Error 15102

You can find the best solutions to resolve this error on your own. Here we go-

Solution 1: Enable Single User Mode in quickbooks

  • If you are using quickbooks in Multi-User mode, then first log out all the users in the network.
  • Open quickbooks on the Workstation that is experiencing the problems during the update.
  • Click Switch to Single User under the File menu.
  • Try to Update quickbooks Payroll once again.

Solution 2: Verify Shared Download Location

  • Open quickbooks and from under the Help tab click Product Information.
  • Note down the location where the file is being downloaded.
  • Now from under the Help tab click Update quickbooks.
  • Now verify the download location under the Options tab.
  • In case if the location is not correct, then change the location and select Yes for Shared Download and click Save.

Solution 3: Login as an Administrator on Windows

  • Click the Start button and select the Switch User option.
  • Choose an account that has administrative rights.
  • Log in using the admin account.
  • Right-click the quickbooks icon and select Run as Administrator.
  • Run payroll updates once again and check if you are still getting the payroll update error 15102.

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