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How To Fix quickbooks Display Issues?

March 27, 2024

quickbooks truly have the best and simple accounting software that helps all small and large companies streamline their business accounting. quickbooks display issues can prevent us from working with the same efficiency. By the way, there are many types of shortcomings in quickbooks that can also be harmful to our company.

Like quickbooks Errors code 5502, quickbooks Errors 61689, and many more other problems. And at the same time, our quickbooks desktop programs have to face some minor quickbooks Display Issues in getting to the quickbooks desktop screen. This creates a problem with our business accounts working properly.

In this blog, we will discuss Some tips to fix quickbooks Display Issues. If you have the same problem and do not understand how to fix it. Then in this post, you will find your all problems solutions. If you want then please read our full blog.

Symptoms of Our quickbooks Display Issues

The symptoms of quickbooks Display Issues is when people open so many different files on their desktop at one time. And many people open their quickbooks Desktop in windows system which’s why come quickbooks display issues. Now in the below step, we will find all the symptoms in brief ways. So let us see the steps:-

  • The first symptom is our window application is small and the content is very long.
  • Just like bank feed, transactions, columns, and many others.
  • Our entire page came blank and the quickbooks desktop is stopping.
  • Our application automatically takes the size and Restarted repeatedly.
  • Icons, text, and other things go stop automatically.
  • And our display setting goes changes itself when we logging in to the many different desktops with the other devices without off our existing sessions.

Important Steps To Fix Our quickbooks Display Issues

Now, in this step, we will know about the steps of fixing quickbooks Display Issues. Display issues are such a problem that there is a problem in doing the work of our company properly.

If you are in urgent need to open our business account or employee salary details and our desktop screen does not open properly, that time came quickbooks Display Issues. If you have in same issues then in the below we will share some steps to fix these problems. So let us see the steps:-

Step 1: Change Our Display Setting In quickbooks

Here are some points to give a solution to solve change the display setting in your quickbooks. This is very helpful for us.

  • First, close your desktop.
  • And open your Windows menu.
  • And click the search bar and search quickbooks. After coming to quickbooks right click on the quickbooks Icon and select Open File Location.
  • In the folder clicks quickbooks.exe and selects properties.
  • And open the Compatibility bar.
  • Click on the Disable Display Scaling on the high DPI setting.
  • After doing all the processes click on Apply and then the Ok button.

If you completed all the processes open your quickbooks Display and you got all the problems was fixed. After doing that still, have an issue then do our second process which is given in below. So let us see the second process.

Step 2. Adjust View Preferences In quickbooks

In this step, we will know how to adjust our view preferences in quickbooks. If you have a preferences issue then follow the steps which are given in below.

  • First, open the quickbooks on the desktop,
  • Select Preferences in the Edit Menu.
  • After doing that select Desktop View on the list and my Preferences bar.
  • Click the View section and select the one Window option.
  • Select the window, options Click on the OK button.

If you have completed all the processes close your quickbooks and then reopen it. Then you got your problem was solved. If doing all the process still have issues. Then choose our third step which is definitely to solve these quickbooks Display Issues. So let us see the third step process.

Step 3. Change Setting of Window Display

Now, in this step, we know about how to change the window display setting and how to work it. If you still have a problem then follow these steps. But make sure before doing this step make sure to remember it does not affect only quickbooks. Maybe it will affect all the programs which have on desktop/laptop. So let us see the process of the third step:-

  • First, process all the steps in Microsoft are to Reset the default display for window 10 and window 8.
  • And then set our screen resolution at least 1024 x 768 and 1920 x 1080 these are the best display.
  • After doing all the steps, Reset our desktop/Laptop. open quickbooks or business files.
  • After completing all the steps you will find all your problems were solved and your desktop/laptop works the very best way.


Here, we know how to fix quickbooks Display Issues and their working process. Also know their symptoms, fixing steps. If you want more details regarding quickbooks then please visit our website. Here you will find all the quickbooks-related answers or you can contact our quickbooks Proadvisor.


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