Quickbooks check printing problems

How to Fix quickbooks check printing problems?

March 27, 2024

In this blog, you will know about all the reasons and solutions, QuickBooks check printing problems. This article is divided into different sections to get information about your interest. Information fragments are about the introduction, due to the issues of QuickBooks printing, how to fix the problems of Print checks in QuickBooks, etc. Also due to problems of QuickBooks Printing, unable to save as PDF, can cause problems related to QuickBooks.

Print checks from Intuit QuickBooks are one of the most fundamental features of QuickBooks. Regardless of the advantages of printing from QuickBooks, you have a great opportunity to deal with QuickBooks Printing issues and errors. Printing problems with QuickBooks are with lost or corrupted components in QuickBooks or with your printer or computer.

Common Issues behind QuickBooks check printing problems

There is a number of causes with QuickBooks Printing issues. As you know that we are using printers for many purposes in QuickBooks or in our real life also. Correcting printer problems with QuickBooks can be complicated because it includes many different, old computer programs. Let’s face it, Microsoft Windows is a very old product whose complexity has remained for many years. it’s a wonderful thing that it still works. The QuickBooks desktop product is not really different. It is an old software system that relies on ancient techniques that no one should use more, and it has been patched over and over again. Then we are in the complexity of dealing with thousands of different printers, each has several different modifications of printer drivers. So, here we are discussing some issues and errors-

  • QuickBooks Connecting issue with the printer.
  • Maybe your Microsoft XPS Document writer is not connecting properly with QuickBooks.
  • XPS printer driver is missing.
  • QuickBooks print command routes to null.
  • Because of your XPS Writer, your QuickBooks doesn’t convert your file into a pdf file.
  • Due to Communication Issue
  • QuickBooks software does not save your form or report as a .pdf due to damaged components.
  • QuickBooks freeze the PDF when syncing to save issues.
  • Due to the non-responsible XPS port, QB gets frozen at the time of printing.

QuickBooks Print check Problems

  • Offline or a printer shut down
  • Wrong or empty printer paper tray
  • Log in with the Windows guest account.
  • Unrecoverable error
    • 15064 06798
    • 14982 50172
    • 14983 96787

Causes of the error

  • The printer is locked.
  • The printer paper tray is empty.
  • Your printer is offline or the printer is not active.
  • Or the printer is not properly installed.
  • The default printer was changed.
  • Not logged in as a system administrator.
  • QuickBooks Reinstallation was not correctly.

Steps to Fix QuickBooks check printing problems

To fix QuickBooks check printing problems you can try all these possible methods of the solution by trying all these methods of solution you can easily get solutions to all major QuickBooks check printing problems.

Step 1: Check the Printer outside Quickbooks
  • Open Microsoft Word or Notepad.
  • Type or paste some content into and Open-File Menu and Select
  • Print on the default printer or Select an alternate option from the drop menu.
  • In the event that it prints the content affirms there is no issue with the printer driver.
Step 2: Fix the issues with the printer
  • Shut down the PC and your printer.
  • Ensure that you have the paper that put in the printer plate properly and there is no paper Jam.
  • Keep ensure that interface links or cables are connected properly/ associated (Unplug and attach them again from the PC and the printer side.
  • Turn on the PC and the printer back on.
  • Open Windows Control Panel and select Printer
  • Drop the current print line by double-tapping the individual printer.
  • Print a Test Page, the printer and PC are alright if you get the test print right.

On the off chance that the Test Page doesn’t print

  • Associate your Personal computer to an alternate PC.
  • Download and install the refreshed printer driver from the printer manufacturer’s website.
  • Associate your printer to an alternate PC and check, it’s fine or not.
  • Contact your printer manufacturer support in the event that you experience mistakes on the printer’s Control Panel or the printer simply doesn’t print.
Step 3: Using QuickBooks Print and Repair Tool

Utilizing QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool can fix regular printing issues. After you run the Print and PDF Repair Tool. Then again, you can attempt more changes with these simple steps, which are as follow-

  • Find QBPrint.qbp file on your PC having inconveniences printing with QuickBooks.
  • The file must be manually renamed by prefixing any word that you like.
  • On the off chance that you are not ready to find the document, make a point to unhide the hidden records and envelopes.
  • Click Right on the QBprint.qbp to rename it.
  • Open QuickBooks and the organization document, and you will see the new qbprint.qbp is made naturally.
  • Open a transaction that you had an issue making PDF in QuickBooks or inconveniences printing with QuickBooks.
  • You can attempt to print from QuickBooks Sample organization File to affirm on the off chance that it was an issue with your organization record.

By following all these methods of the solution you can easily fix QuickBooks check printing problems or errors, If still, you are unable to print checks with QuickBooks then you can contact QuickBooks Proadvisor.


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