Recover Deleted qickboks File

How to Recover Deleted quickbooks File?

March 27, 2024

Have you deleted a wrong quickbooks File, then don’t worry, here in this article, we will discuss How can you get back your Lost Data File of quickbooks or  How you can recover a deleted quickbooks File.

As we all know when you work with quickbooks the Data File is the most important file. These Files contain all the data Related to the transaction you have Done through your quickbooks Account. There are many Formats in which you can store quickbooks Data File for ex: .QBA, .IIF, .QBM, .ND, .QBB, .QBX, .QBW, and .QBY. You need to read the full article to understand how you can recover a lost or deleted quickbooks File with various different methods.

Reason You need to recover a deleted quickbooks Data File

  • System crashed.
  • Mistakenly Deleted a file.
  • While Using the quickbooks Application it crashes.
  • You Firewall Settings could be another reason of the corruption of quickbooks File
  • You accidently turned on the Power sparing Mode.
  • Malware, virus, or trojan i can also lead to this error

Different Method of Recovering a Deleted quickbooks Files

Method 1: Using the quickbooks Data recovery tool

Data recovery tools are a great way to delete or lose quickbooks. You can use any data recovery tool like easeus Data recovery tool to gain access to your lost or deleted quickbooks File. While Using a Data Recovery tool keep the Following features of these tools.

  • It allows the user to recover all the transaction
  • Allows you to see the preview of Qb Data files recovering.
  • It also helps in creating And saving the reports.

Let’s Discuss the steps in which this tool recover the files:

  • This Tool Scans for all the Deleted Files and Document from the Selected Hard Disk
  • It runs both a quick and deep scan to check for the deleted quickbooks Files in the File System.
  • After the completion of the scan you can select which quickbooks File you want and restore in your System.

These quickbooks Data Recovery tools can help you to recover more than 500 types of files Which can Include various quickbooks Files Formats like .QBA, .IIF, .QBM, .ND, .QBB, .QBX, .QBY, and .QBW formats.

Method 2:Alternative to Data Recovery Tools

  • In the Search Box Option type sort *.qbw followed by pressing the enter key.
  • In the Shown list of the record of Organization, search and discover the copies.
  • If there is nothing in the records then right click on it and go to the properties.
  • Check for the record named as quickbooks Company File , In the General Tab.
  • Look for the Most refreshed document by using the Date Modified Option.
  • After You Find the Refreshed Document and make a duplicate of the document in the CD.
  • Remove the Residual File after Creating the Replica of The File.
  • Copy the records into the same area.

Method 3: Recover quickbooks File using Auto Data Recovery

If you lost your data due to some corruption in the File, quickbooks Desktop provides a feature called ADR(Auto data Recovery) which can help you recover your data in the following ways:

  • Using the transaction log File and a company file ADR can Recover All the quickbooks File data.
  • You can also recover data on the basis of time with transaction logs and company file Copy.

Steps to Connect With quickbooks Online

When you are importing information for quickbooks online you should set the Spotlight to connect with the information. This procedure needs to be done only once and then you can just import the updated information from the next month.

  • Click On quickbooks option in the Import tab of quickbooks Online.
  • Now, Click on connect to quickbooks Catch and you will be Diverted to quickbooks.
  • Here you enter the quickbooks Id and Password and sign in.

You are required to have a valid support plan or you will have to pay a one-time fee to request the Recovery of your data.

Intuit Prices for quickbooks Data Recovery:

This Price is for those customers who don’t have a quickbooks care pack subscription.

  • Assisted Data Conversion – Cost the user $50.00 per file.
  • Intuit quickbooks Data Recovery- $250.00 per file.
  • Password Removal – It is only Covered under Customer Care Policy.

quickbooks Online

PlanAssisted conversions 
quickbooks OnlineUnlimited file conversions Price Varies

Point of Sale

PlanData recoveryAssisted conversions 
Intuit quickbooks Point of Sale Monthly Plan$79 Per file fee$ 79 Per file fee
Intuit quickbooks Point of Sale One-Time Support$59 Per file fee$59 Per file fee
Intuit Point of Sale One Year Support Plan$589 (Covered)$589 Per file fee
Intuit Reseller ProgramVaries(Per file fee)The first file is free

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

PlanData recoveryAssisted conversions 
quickbooks Enterprise Subscription (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Accountant)Price is CoveredUnlimited file conversions
quickbooks Solution ProvidersPrice is CoveredFirst file is free

quickbooks Desktop Pro/Premier, ProAdvisor, and Payroll

PlanPrice(in  dollars)Data recoveryAssisted conversions
Intuit quickbooks 90-Day Expert Support Plan89.95CoveredPer file fee
Intuit quickbooks 90-Day Expert & Unlimited Assisted Data Conversion for Retail Clubs0Per file feeUnlimited file conversions
Intuit quickbooks Core One-Time Support59.95Per file feePer file fee
Intuit quickbooks Care Plus Annual Subscription299.95CoveredUnlimited file conversions
Intuit quickbooks Care Plus Monthly Subscription29.95CoveredUnlimited file conversions
Intuit Reseller ProgramVariesPer file feeFirst file is free
ProAdvisors (Platinum, Gold, and Silver)variesCoveredPer file fee
Payroll Subscription (Issue must be related to Payroll)variesCoveredPer file fee

quickbooks for Mac

PlanPrice(in Dollars)Data recoveryAssisted conversions 
Intuit quickbooks 90 Day Expert Support Plan89.95Per file feePer Record fee
quickbooks 90-Day Expert and Unlimited Assisted Data Conversion for Retail Clubs0Per file feePer Record fee
Intuit Care Protection Plan for Mac Annual299.95CoveredPer Record fee
Intuit Care Protection Plan for Mac Monthly29.5CoveredPer Record fee
Intuit quickbooks Core One Time-Support59.95Per record feePer Record fee

Method 4: Recover quickbooks Data File From Recycle Bin

If you deleted a file by mistake most chances are that you did not permanently delete it is probably just moved to the Recycle bin. In that case, it can be restored easily. But in this case, this option is only valid for Windows7/8/10.

  1. Open the Recycle Bin by double-clicking on the Bin icon on the Desktop. 
  2. Look for the desired quickbooks File or Folder and right click on the File.
  3. Click on “Restore the selected item “ and if you don’t want to restore all files you can select the files by pressing and holding the ctrl key.
  4. Make sure That all the files have been Restored By going into the quickbooks folder.


Now you should be able to Recover your deleted quickbooks Data File easily. We hope that with this article you were able to successfully recover your lost quickbooks Data file and now can work easily.

If you face any issue while recovering the data or you need any further assistance you can call our QuickBooks Proadvisor for help. 


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