How to undo reconciliation in quickbooks online accountant?

March 27, 2024

Before understanding How to undo reconciliation in quickbooks Online and online accountant, we need to understand why we need to undo reconciliation. There are several reasons to undo reconciliation in quickbooks like transaction details are not proper, the payment date is not correct and you have to compel your bank reconciliation which is required to always be in proper order as well as you may also need to undo because bank statement date is not correct. If you want to undo reconciliation then now you are at the best place, here you can learn how to undo reconciliation. To undo reconciliation read this post & follow step by step procedure.

How to undo reconciliation in quickbooks Online accountant?

You should be alert while undoing a reconciliation because it also undoes all the reconciliations after the reconciliation on that day. This is a powerful tool, so whenever you are going to start, you need to download all the attachments attached to the reconciliation, if required. Otherwise, it will be all deleted after undoing reconciliation.

  • The very first thing is you need to login to your quickbooks Online Accountant.
  • Open the clients file.
  • Browse your customer information and open the quickbooks Online account.
  • When the company file is successfully opened, then, Click on the Accounting option.
  • Press the option of Reconcile.
  • Choose History by account.
  • Then, choose the account which you have to reconcile and enter the date from the drop-down list.
  • Browse the reconciliation in the drop-down.
  • After that, click on the view report for opening the reconciliation report. Check if there is any fault and do changes as required.
  • When you have done all these processes then click on the arrow icon in the action column and then click on Undo.
  • Click on Yes and then Undo for assurance.

Make sure that you signed in to your quickbooks Online Account, otherwise you will not see the option of Undo. And, you will be not available to undo the transactions from the client’s account.

How to delete the transaction from the reconciliation in quickbooks Online?

  • Firstly, you need to check all the balance information such as opening balance, starting balance, and the ending details of balance of the holder’ account.
  • If you have found any issue in the balance sheet then, you have to solve it.
  • When you have successfully completed all the checking processes then, click on the Accounting menu for editing the transaction.
  • Click on the ‘Chart of Accounts’ from the menu of account.
  • Find the account and press on the ‘view register’ option.
  • Select the transaction which you want to undo reconciliation and go through the check details of the column.
  • When the transaction is Reconciled when you watch the ‘R’ in the column.
  • And, in the final, click on the Save button and shut the register.

I hope you have successfully undone your reconciliation in quickbooks online accountant. If in case, you have found some issue while undoing the reconciliation, then contact an expert or hire a quickbooks certified Proadvisor they will help you in undoing reconciliation.


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