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Quickbooks salesforce integration permits you to share the financial data with your sales team. You cannot only see the information of the customer but also you can trace the customer expense, customer records, pricing, and submit orders. so through all these customers’ information, you can guess and make it better for the future.

As we know that QuickBooks is an accounting platform for small businesses to medium businesses for keeping records, expense, and customer information. Integration QuickBooks with salesforce gives you a way to tell your business how to run and how to improve it. Accounting Software share data during sales in it.QuickBooks help to remove fake data entries. It enhances your productivity. Integration QuickBooks with sales updated your data automatically.

Two Versions of Integrate Quickbooks with Salesforce:

There are two versions of Integrate QuickBooks with salesforce :

Group: This is available for up to five users. This is the basic edition for small businesses It gives you to connect with management, email integration, leading scoring, and so on. By this edition, you can see all the customer information such as credit limit, sales limit, submit orders, and invoices in salesforce. The Group edition of QuickBooks salesforce available for the first three months for paying $18 a month per company and after that the price of using this edition $ 25 per month but before there is free 14 days trial available.

Professional: Everyone can use this. There is no user limit. This edition gives you everything such as product tracking, connection with the management, and so on. In which there is a 30 days trial available and after that, for the first three months you have to pay $60 per month and then $65 per month. And price changes also happen.

If you want to connect with QuickBooks to salesforce so you have to visit app exchange to search for a prebuilt app.

9 Best apps for Quickbooks salesforce integration

All these apps are helpful in integrate QuickBooks with salesforce:

  • Expensify Demystifies Expense management

This app automatically traces your expenses in QuickBooks with salesforce. With the help of this app, you can do anything freely to grow your business. You don’t need to keep the old paper receipts and wait for approval as usual because as we do this app. This app also manages your cash flow and work quickly. If you upload the photo of your receipt to the QuickBooks compatible app and fill all the details in all sections so this system gives approval and reimbursement in 24 hours.

If you want to reconcile your credit card so this will help you to access your every transaction automatically. You only have to pay your users for this app. This app enhances your business productivity and growth.

  • Make Customer Relationship By Insightly App 

You have to make a relationship with the customer to grow your business, goodwill, earning more profit. Slightly is a customer relationship management (CRM) is a system in which they help you to support and make with customer relations. They manage and trace customers’ records, expenses, and hold responsibility for customer management so customers stay happy. Slightly is also available on iPhone, iPad, and Android phones. You can also use this app from it.

  • Tsheets Gives The Best Time Tracking App

This app is considered to be the best tracking system of all. This is also best for the employees’ payroll. If you want to save your time to make invoices and payroll then this app is best for that. This app records payroll and creates invoices for small businesses. The GPS that is available in this app traces the Employees and you also manage the employee’s payment and time and make job reports. This app is affordable for users Whether in a group or team. This also links with your QuickBooks account.

  • Steady Cash Flow

This keeps the cash flow of your small business. This will include visualization technologies. Floats make your cash flow accurate and update automatically in 24 hours with data from QuickBooks accounts. This will also display your future working capital involving bills, invoices tracing.

  • SOS Inventory Offers Manufacturing Management  Help

If you do manufacturing and do inventory, then this app can solve your problem by doing this efficiently. This also enters your data without fake. When you are dealing with raw materials, tracing jobs, serial numbers, you can take help from this app. There is a free trial for how you can use this and there are multiple options for two to five users and you can save your time.

  •  Webgility Unifies Records For Product Sales

If you want to record your vendors account in QuickBooks effectively so you can use this app by recording your vendors or retails seller account. You can trace sales, fees, expenses, orders from the sales by using this app whether you are doing business in a marketplace, or eCommerce platforms. You have to submit posts weekly, monthly, or daily basis if you are working in a group. If you have to reconcile also. If you are working with any social site like amazon, Flipkart so you have accurate expenses, orders after settlement. Using this App, you have more time for marketing.

  • Futrli Delivers Wise Self-Employed Advice

This app analyses your data from QuickBooks and goes to for reporting, guiding forecasting, and decision making. Auto alert and automated sales tax calculations help you to remind you in your head Which performance tracking and your group will see details of the business.

  • HubDoc Pulls Your Paperwork Together

If you organize paperwork, HubDoc can do this. This app collects your documents and data from their locations. You can import financial data from vendors, financial institutions, and telecom providers. After that those bills, invoices change into coding Quickbooks transactions. Hubdoc will help you to attach your documents and data. It’s a very smart  Auto-Fetch system that will help you to reconcile and trace all the documents, transactions from your bank, Because of that your data will be safe from fraudsters. They always focus on your Business productivity.

  • Fathom Analyzes Your Business Environment

With this app, you can know what position your business is in and how it should be done. Fathom helps you to access your performance from cash flow to profitability. Fathom integrates accounting data. You can receive information regarding financial data that affect your bottom line. Fathom also update your reports as professional. 

You should be interested in this app’s features such as ranks, clients, or companies if you are an owner of your business. Your company can sign up multi-users, build a choice whether you are a single proprietor, newly founder, or big entrepreneur. If you want to increase your speed in cash flow, track expenses, make invoices, and verify payroll then you should use this app.

I hope this blog helps in integrate QuickBooks with salesforce.

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