How to open QuickBooks in safe mode

How to open quickbooks in safe mode?

March 27, 2024

quickbooks software is already safe and secure software for accounting purposes. Many users use this software without taking any stress and making their accounts freely. It’s not that users don’t face problems while using quickbooks. Of Course, sometimes users face different errors because of some overloaded drives. Many types of drives are stored in the user’s system, but some of them are not used at all. And users are unable to delete them due to the load of work which causes quickbooks to run in danger mode. quickbooks have a variety of tools available to solve these types of problems. If you do not want to spend your time solving these problems so you can try to open quickbooks in safe mode.

Safe mode in quickbooks is a great tool that is used by many users and most of the users do not know about “What is the safe mode in quickbooks” and “why users use this”. Safe Mode does not allow you to keep many drives on your computer. It acts as a “safeguard”. It has been called Safeguard because it keeps your system safe from wasteful files and useless drives.

It automatically deletes overloaded drives; it does not allow you to load more different drives for the printer, CD, etc. Safe mode permits loading only limited files and drives to run on the computer system when you run applications on your system with safe mode so it uses fewer graphics card memory or processor. So whenever you open quickbooks software, OS will restrict the graphics card, drivers, sound drivers, etc.

When do you use quickbooks safe mode?

  • If you want to use quickbooks in safe mode,You must login first as an administrator.
  • When you allow safe mode to restrict on all your drives.
  • When you face the errors because of overloaded drives.
  • The safe mode uses only the most important versions of drivers such as VGA drivers for videos.

Benefits Of opening quickbooks in Safe Mode

If you use quickbooks safe mode, it can take a lot of benefits and you don’t need to remove useless drives on your own.

  • It automatically deletes your overloaded drives.
  • It helps in removing all hardware and software issues.
  • It protects your drives from being damaged.
  • It facilitates you to work smoothly without any disturbance.
  • By using safe mode, the users don’t need many drivers when accessing window operating software.

Steps to Open quickbooks in Safe Mode

To open quickbooks in a safe mode follow bellow discussed step by step process, with a bellow discussed step by step process you can easily open QB in safe mode.

  • First, back to the desktop system and restart.
  • Then you make sure that your desktop is in safe mode when you access windows operating software.
  • you need to restart your system
  • Then you get the list for choosing options after the “networking tab’. then you need to click on the “safe mode” option.
  • Now the system start is in safe mode.
  • Open the company file by selecting “quickbooks Software”.
  • Go to the “start button” in the window you already open and go to the quickbooks icon.
  • If you can’t find the quickbooks icon, then you need to press the ctrl+Alt+Del key together at the same time. By clicking this you can easily access the task manager.
  • Refresh your computer.
  • Open quickbooks software and login as an admin with your company files after following all instructions.

You have to remember all the steps to open quickbooks in safe mode so that they work properly and functionally. If you still have any issue in opening quickbooks in a safe mode, then immediately contact quickbooks ProAdvisor.


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