What to do QuickBooks Gmail not Working

What to do quickbooks Gmail not Working?

December 17, 2022

If You Use quickbooks, There are many chances that you are also using the quickbooks Mailing services. This feature allows its user to Sync their email(Gmail) into quickbooks. But quickbooks User while using quickbooks mailing services they faces quickbooks Gmail not working error.

Imagine This Error happens when you have to email an important file and you get this error “what will you do then?”. You don’t need to worry. In this article, we will discuss the method to fix this error and you will gain knowledge through the solution and troubleshooting methods to fix quickbooks Gmail not working error.

Reasons Why quickbooks Gmail now working

Here We will discuss some of the possible reasons that you are facing this error.

  • If the ID and Password are wrong you will not be able to use this service.
  • You did not Confirm your login.
  • It is possible that your system is not allowing you to sync Gmail and quickbooks.
  • Email is not properly linked3 to quickbooks.
  • Security methods of your application do not meet quickbooks Standard.
  • MAP132.dll file is damaged.

Learn different ways to Fix quickbooks Gmail not working Probllem

Below we have mentioned how you may face quickbooks Gmail not working error and different ways in which you can solve these error.

When Email and passwords are incorrect

Sometimes this message could appear due to a mistake by the user or sometimes it could be due to some change in the settings and here are the steps o fix this error.

  • Try to re-enter your id and password and if the error still continues press the cancel button.
  • Now check the Gmail account settings from send from choices.
  • Now change the port and SSL/TLS setting in the edit setting option
  • You can Also Click on Default Reset if you do not want to change it yourself.

quickbooks Freezing while sending mail

When you press send button to send an email and then quickbooks Just freezes here are the steps to fix this:

  • To fix this Download quickbooks Install diagnose tool.
  • Install and run the Diagnostic tool and restart the system.
  • It may take some time to fix this problem you have to be patient.

If quickbooks is not able to send an email

If after pressing the send button email is not sent and you did not receive any error message on the screen try these step:

  • Click on Properties in the quickbooks.
  • Uncheck the Run quickbooks as an administrator option and click ok.
  • Restart the quickbooks Application and try to send an email.
  • If quickbooks is still not able to send an email follow these step;
  • Go to Edit>Preference>Send Forms
  • In My Preference> Select Use to Send Email>Click OK.
  • If the Above step is already there then: Edit> Preferences> Send Forms>My Preferences> quickbooks Emails>Click Ok > Edit > Preferences>Select Outlook> Click OK.
  • Select quickbooks and other programs and restart the windows.
  • Mail the transaction and report

If you receive an error message while sending an invoice in the email.

  • Go to Update the latest page, now press change to select the quickbooks Product.
  • Update the files by clicking on the update option.
  • Choose Setup Automatic Update to download automatically.

Steps for Allowing Third-party application to fix quickbooks Gmail now working

You can also use some third party application to send emails from quickbooks you just need to allow that third-party application to work with quickbooks

  • Open Gmail.com in any browser and log in with your email and password.
  • Now in My Account> Go to Connected apps and sites.
  • Locate intuit quickbooks in the connected apps section and here you will have to add quickbooks Online if it is already there ignore it.
  • Allow the Third-Party Application.
  • Now Go Back to Gmail in quickbooks and try to send an invoice via mail.
  • You can now turn off the 2 step verification and you don’t have to verify your account every time.

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