Quickbooks Error 1328

How to fix quickbooks Error 1328?

March 27, 2024

Most of the users get quickbooks error 1328 while trying to install and uninstall quickbooks desktop. While trying to install, uninstall or update quickbooks desktop you will also get an error 1328 with the message “Error updating file C:Config.MsiPTXXX.tmp.” If you encountered this error code or get that type of error message and are unable to install or update due to this error then don’t worry after a lot of research we find a solution that we discussed below, by following these solutions you can easily fix or resolve your problem. But before resolving you need to understand what are the causes behind error 1328, once after understanding all possible reasons behind this error proceed to fix it.

Causes of quickbooks error code 1328

These are the all possible causes behind quickbooks error 1328 that help you to understand why you are unable to install uninstall or update quickbooks desktop.

  • Due to invalid entry in the windows registry
  • Due to corrupted download and software
  • User get this error code due to an invalid shutdown
  • Due to invalid installation of the software
  • Due to network error while installing quickbooks software
  • Due to virus or malware

How to fix quickbooks error 1328

I hope after reading above discussed points or causes now you understood why you get this error code or what restricts you from installing or updating Intuit quickbooks desktop. After understanding all if now you want to learn how to fix quickbooks error 1328 then carefully follow all possible methods of solution.

Method 1: Locate the config.msi file and follow the below steps

  • Go to the start menu
  • Choos e explore the option
  • double click on c drive
  • After that find hidden files and folders
  • Then double click on select folder option
  • Then go to the View tab and choose hidden files and folder
  • Then apply changes and click on ok
  • Then check protected files of the operating system
  • After that click on the tool and select the folder option
  • Then again go to the view option and deselect hide protected operating system file
  • Then apply changes and click on ok
  • Then right-click on the config.msi file and rename
  • And after doing all these hide protected files and folder

Solution 2: Use Registry Repair Tool

  • To repair and fixed damaged registry you can use the registry entry tool
  • After that use any malware and virus removal tool to remove virus or malware
  • After that, you need to remove any unwanted and junk files
  • Then remove unwanted drivers from your device
  • After that restore system changes and clicks on apply to implement
  • After that uninstall and clean reinstall the software
  • Then run a system file checker
  • Then download and install the latest updates
  • If now error 1328 is resolved then skip other steps, if not then move to other method

 Solution 3: Reinstall quickbooks using the clean install

  • It is an obvious thing that you would have to uninstall the quickbooks
  • After that, you would have to carry on the QB installation using a clean install.
  • For getting the best result, you must select the option which suites to error-free performance of quickbooks.
  • The first thing is that you would have to install quickbooks accounting software after filling the product key value.
  • The second possible option is that you would have to use the quickbooks file from the download link.
  • Install the quickbooks accounting software system in your device with the aid of a compact disk.
  • Now, you would have to install and download the quickbooks CD.

I hope after reading this post your issue is resolved, but due to any reason if you still get that error then immediately contact quickbooks Proadvisor.


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