How to Import Accountant Changes in QuickBooks

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As you all know Quickbooks is excellent accounting software and its interface is user-friendly. While working on accounting software it is very important to share data with users and accountants. When users need to do some changes or some updation in the accountant record then we need to import accountant changes in QuickBooks or we can say we need to update our accountant or we can say transferred into an accountant. With these features, we can import the changes in the accountant copy into the working file. If you want to learn How to Import Accountant changes in QuickBooks in detail then read complete post, by reading the complete post you can learn all.

An accountant copy is the easiest way for the client to transfer a file to an accountant and the accountant works on it and makes changes as required and returns that file to the client. accountant copy works some steps:

  • The client sends an accountant copy to the accountant via locally or via the web.
  • The accountant works on the data.
  • The accountant returns the completed work to the client.
  • The client can imports changes done by the accountants.

You can import accountant changes in QuickBooksin a two ways:

  • From  the system : Some users call the accountants for the accounting work . they give them data by sending a copy of the file on a flash drive or through another way. 
  • From the web: Nowadays quickbooks users can send an accountant copy through mail for the changes to be made . If you have an accountant copy file transfer (ACFT) service then only you can mail.

While working with accountant copy you can be very careful once accountant copy is created you can only enter the transactions in the present period.there must be some restrictions during that period of time because account copy is active at that time. So quickbooks features are developed to make our work easier but these are having some limitations also. You can only work on the transactions that are of current time .After the date is divided you can not work on the whole. You have no permission to create sub accounts for the already created account. You will not be able to merge and edit the cannot delete or edit list. You can not delete or merge list items also.

How to Import Accountant Changes in QuickBooks

Steps to Import Accountant Changes in QuickBooks from the system or locally

  1. Connect derive or USB in your computer
  2. Go to the QuickBooks software
  3. After that login to the company file which you want to import
  4. Then, select file and then go to  send company file on the accountant’s copy.
  5. You need to browse the file with a quickbooks extension and then click on the file to open it.
  6. You will be able to see the changes you made in the file in the window. After discussing, click on the “incorporate accountant’s changes” button at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  7. Now, quickBooks asks you to close all running windows. click ok.
  8. Before importing QuickBooks ask you to create the backup of the existing  files as a precaution.
  9. In the “save backup copy” window, select the location where you want to save your backup files. You can choose any location such as desktop or Flash/USB/External drive to save the backup.
  10. After the backup is completed QuickBooks starts importing the accountant’s changes.
  11. A PDF file will be created with all the changes that you can view later.
  12. After the changes are imported easily, QuickBooks will ask you to enter a closing date and a password to keep it safe. This step is optional.

Steps to Import Accountant Changes in QuickBooks from the web

  1. Before you Import the accountant’s changes, take  Backup of the QuickBooks company file.
  2. Now Open-File Menu and choose to Send Company File
  3. After that select the Submenu,and then select Accountants copy followed by Client activities.
  4. Now choose Import Accountant’s Changes from file
  5. Browse to the location that contains the QuickBooks Accountant’s copy (.QBY).
  6. After you review the changes made by the accountant and import it if there is no discrepancy.
  7. You can select to save a PDF file or take a print in order to keep a record.
  8. Click on Yes, if you wish to create a closing date password.

While importing you will face some issues like incorrect company file or removed restrictions. Then you have checked both files and opened the correct company file and do not need to remove restrictions because we have to send the backup . 


After reading all you will understand How to Import Accountant Changes in QuickBooks, if you are still unable to import an accountant then I recommend you hire a certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor.



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