FreshBooks vs QuickBooks-Comparasion between its Pricing, Features

Many people think FreshBooks and QuickBooks are built for the same purpose but it is a common misunderstanding to the Accountant or business person. QuickBooks works for best for a company that sells the product and also requires the fully-fledged accounting software. The Freshbooks works best for service-based business and for the freelancer and Solopreneurs that need a way to track for expenses and revenue for a simple report. These two are performing the same function but here we are explaining the features, pricing of FreshBooks vs QuickBooks. When you switch to another software but these two option contains a lot of the same features but they don’t work exactly the same way.

For instance, FreshBooks has tracks Invoices for small businesses and for the freelancer. QuickBooks has provided the actual accounting software used by all business industries type. Regarding this topic you got any problem then you can call our online QuickBooks support teams that give full support for our customers.

How to Evaluated FreshBooks versus QuickBooks

Now here we can explain the FreshBooks vs QuickBooks Online and it can be evaluated. When you are looking for accounting software here is a list of the minimum requirements that most products should be included. As part of our research, we look at the cost, ease of use and set up Invoices capabilities and managing the bills. Giving other issues users can access your data and also the support option available for takes support with our expert’s team.

  • Cost- It offers a pricing plan that is affordable for small businesses.
  • Ease of Use- that provides the minimal setup time and no accounting background is required.
  • Manage the Account Receivable- It both are allowed to create Invoices and track the customer’s payments.
  • Manage the Account Payable- users can able to enter and track the unpaid bills and payments made.
  • Gives the other user can access- both are allowed to access the data.
  • Customer support- Here are several options to getting help where you ask any questions with us.

After taking both the FreshBooks versus QuickBooks for a test drive and evaluating the ability to meet above minimum requirements. So we have chosen the QuickBooks online over the Freshbooks while the FreshBooks meet most of our criteria and it fell only short one key area that ability to manage the account payable.

FreshBooks Vs QuickBooks Pricing and Features  

Now we have to come on these software features and pricing they offer a plan for every budget. The lowest price plan for both products is $15 per month and the highest Price plan for $50 per month for FreshBooks Premium and $60 per month for QuickBooks online plus. The FreshBooks is known for the ability to streamline the invoices and Payment process but it does not have 1099 contractor reporting, budget, and account payable which will you find in QuickBooks online. 

The primary difference between the three QuickBooks online plans are features included in each similar to the FreshBooks lite, QuickBooks starts the simple offers with the least amount of features. Why it is priced at $15 per month. The only difference between the essential and plus plans is that the plus plans include tracking inventory feature, 1099 tracking feature, budgeting, and forecasting but essential version it does not.

FreshBooks vs QuickBooks- Ease of Use

Here we explain both software uses you can read all the instructions and check who is the best software for accounting.they both used the simple language throughout the Program so any one person without an accounting background can use the software.

Use of QuickBooks Online:

The QuickBooks online dashboard has divided into five main sections: left menu bar, Outstanding Invoices, total expenses, Profit and losses, and sales.

These are the five main areas for the QuickBooks online dashboard are:

  • Left Menu Bar- similar to the FreshBooks, you can access any tasks form the left menu bar like creating invoices, bank accounts, and reports.
  • Invoice- in this section you can see the amounts of customers owe you as well as the total amount of payments collects that you have a deposit and undeposited funds.
  • Expenses- you can see the total amount of expenses for the selected time period along with the top three categories.
  • Profit and Loss-Similar to the FreshBooks keep the tab on your profit without having run a report.
  • Sales-Keep your sales throughout the month a year so that you can spot a trend and make adjustments as needed.

Use of FreshBooks:

Now we explain the use of FreshBooks, the FreshBooks dashboard provides you with key information such as your account receivable balance, total profit, and a left menu bar for easy navigation in the program.

These are the four main sections divided into FreshBooks that are following are:

  • Left Menu Bar- like the Quickbooks online you can perform multiple tasks from the left menu bar such as create Invoices, enter expenses, and also create a new project.
  • Create New report- using these you can also create new invoices, records and enter the time spent on a project.
  • Outstanding Revenue- you stay on the top of the customer Invoices that have not paid and the color-coded bar is available for overdue Invoices in the red color and that have not come to due that is a yellow color.
  • Total Profit- that keeps the tab in your bottom line without having a run report you can change the time frame to see the profit on a monthly and annual basis.

Customer Services of FreshBooks vs QuickBooks

Both the software review FreshBooks vs QuickBooks provides the best support for our customers and that offers a number of our channels using these number you can easily access. The best part is that unlimited support is already included in your monthly plan.

QuickBooks Customer Services

The QuickBooks provide the best services for our customers you can speak with the support team through the telephone unlike FreshBooks QuickBooks also provides the chat feature you can access the link and easily start the chat with our support team.

FreshBooks Customer Services  

FreshBooks also allows you to talk to a human by emailing them and also you can access their extensive section with the detailed instruction on FreshBooks.

Features Difference between FreshBooks vs QuickBooks



Mastercard, Visa, and  American ExpressMobile Receipt capture
Quickly bank depositFree Trial
Automatically payment recordedExport Excel data
Fees recorded as ExpensesComprehensive Dashboard
Single-click SetupDocument sharing
Safe & SecureSupport for MAC23
Simple Payment experienceSmartphone compatibility
Account agingPrint checks
Profit and lossEnter and manage bills
Balance SheetAutomated Tax calculation
Expense ReportInteractive feed
Item salesCreates custom Invoices

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