Delete QuickBooks Online Account

How To Delete quickbooks Online Accounts?

December 17, 2022

quickbooks is one of the most popular online accounting software which is used by many peoples all around the world. quickbooks Accounting software is majorly used by the small business sector. If you want to know how to delete your quickbooks Online account, In quickbooks Accounting software you can find a list of your accounts and your account balances and if you want to delete some of your unused accounts then read this blog carefully

If you have created many accounts in your QuickBook then you need to keep few things in your mind before deleting your quickbooks Account

  • Deleting your account detail doesn’t erase your transactions or data
  • Deleting your accounts doesn’t make any changes in your reports 
  • You can also restore your deleted account whenever you feel like
  • Select the account you want to delete
  • But there are a few accounts which you cannot delete in your accounting list like sales tax accounts etc.

There are two types or versions you can say of quickbooks accounting one is a desktop version and another one is an online version so you need to decide for which version you are going to delete your quickbooks account let’s discuss these versions in detail below.

Steps to delete quickbooks desktop accounts

Now you already know the effects of deleting your accounts from quickbooks, let’s find out how you can actually delete your desktop version of quickbooks Account. There are few steps you need to follow 

  • At the top menu, select the account you want to delete from the list
  • Now right click on the selected account
  • Next, Press on the delete option

Steps to delete quickbooks online accounts

To delete an account from the online version of quickbooks you simply need to follow few steps

  • You need to click on the GEAR icon at the top
  • Now you need to select the account which you want to delete
  • After selecting the account in the action column choose the drop down list and press delete option.
  • If the system ask you to “DELETE” then press “YES” to confirm the command
  • All these actions are necessary to delete the quickbooks accounts for online version 

When you delete your accounts they will be removed from your accounting lists, now you need to filter the list of accounts to see the deleted and inactive accounts and if you want to include deleted and inactive accounts you need to follow few steps

  • First go for accounting option on the left menu 
  • Click on the “GEAR” icon
  • Click on the checkbox to select the inactive or deleted accounts and proceed further
  • At last search the deleted accounts in your search bar

Delete Online Data from quickbooks Accounting

In case if you are using quickbooks online plus version you can only remove your data from your account if it is not more than 60 days old if it has completed 60 days then the process of removing or canceling the data is different 

Let’s talk about the steps for the first scenario when you have not completed the 60 days 

  • First you need to sign up to your account 
  • Add “/purgecompany”at the end of the URL
  • You will get the list of deleted items after putting the URL at the end 
  • Once the data got deleted write “YES” and click “OK” Button 
  • Select the “WIPE DATA” option after selecting the items
  • You will be directed to the homepage after deleting 

Now let’s talk about another process of wiping data from quickbooks Accounting in which the duration of 60 days has been passed, follow the steps given follow

  • Click on GEAR icon to select the account
  • Next, press billing/subscription option
  • Select the cancel button in the quickbooks
  • Cancel the account by the given options
  • If you are using payroll, then you also neet to cancel your payroll subscription

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