How to fix Quicken Error OL-332-A?

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Quicken error OL-332-A is that error that occurs when you are using internet services or online service. This error occurs at the starting. When you trying to login into your quicken account by you are not able to log in because to forget your login id and password then quicken error OL-332-A occurs. When you entered your wrong login information multiple times then also error occurs.

In this blog, we are going to discuss what is quicken error OL-332-A and what are its causes, and how to fix this error.

Causes of Quicken Error OL-332-A

There are several reasons because of the quicken error OL-332-A occurs. There are some common reasons are:

  1. Improper shutdown 
  2. Power failure
  3. Deletion of C directory
  4. Improper installation of quicken software
  5.  Corrupted file 
  6. Some viruses are there in your system.
  7. Incorrect login information.

Steps to fix quicken error OL-332-A

Solution 1: Verify your ID

  1. Firstly you need to open your quicken on your system.
  2. Then click on the tools and then go to the account list option.
  3. Now you need to select the account and click on the edit button.
  4. Now you need to go to the general tab and find out the customer id 
  5. Then You need to check that the customer id is correct or not
  6. If the customer id is correct then you need to check the bank details like bank name, server name, and account information, etc.

Solution 2: Verify your password

  1. Firstly you need to go to tools
  2. Then click on the one-step update
  3. Then you need to click on the cancel button on the password window.
  4. Now you need to add the password information for the bank
  5. If you correctly login into your account then click on the tools and then click on the password.
  6. After that click on the edit button
  7. At last, you need to follow the on-screen instructions.

Solution 3: Verify your PIN

All banks are having their different login rules. Some ask for customer id and PIN while setting the account and some ask for customer id and password only. All this depends on the bank. You must be very careful while setting the password some banks to use case sensitive word and some use special character while setting the password.

Steps to verify the PIN

  1. Firstly you need to confirm the password 
  2. Make sure your password will be different from the routine one you uses for online banking services
  3. Then you need to confirm your password by retyping your correct password.



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