How to fix QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060?

How to fix quickbooks Payroll Error PS060?

December 17, 2022

As you all aware that quickbooks is amazing accounting software and it’s having so many wonderful and meaningful features that make our work short and accurate. Sometimes the handling of these features is not easy. While working on quickbooks some issue needs to be resolved immediately. So that issue is known as quickbooks Payroll Error PS060.

If you are having a payroll subscription in quickbooks and you are facing this issue then this blog is for you. Here I am going to discuss what is quickbooks payroll error ps060 and what are its causes and its troubleshooting steps.

quickbooks Payroll Error PS060 occurs when you are using a payroll subscription with quickbooks. quickbooks Payroll is a very powerful tool but sometimes it comes with a lot of error. 

The error usually occurs when you are doing your normal work of payroll operation. When there is an error occur then a message window will prompt on your screen that says the current enhanced payroll service is unavailable. Then there will a problem for you to move forward and you can not able to continue your work. Now you need to fix the issue.

Reasons for quickbooks Payroll Error PS060

These are some following reason that quickbooks Payroll Erro PS060 occur:

  • Intuit server is down
  • Software is outdated
  • Some application is blocking quickbooks
  • Some viruses are there in your system
  • Expiry of payroll subscription
  • Sending data is multiple modes
  • Internet issue

Steps to solve quickbooks Payroll Error PS060

Solution 1: change settings

  1. Firstly on the quickbooks on your system
  2. Then open my account section
  3. Now select the company in which you want to do the manipulation by clicking on the edit button
  4. Then go to the billing section and click on the edit button
  5. Now check and verify all the information. If there is correction require then do it.
  6. Then save the changes and close the window
  7. Now view the billing information 
  8. At last, if everything this ok then confirms your step and then logout. 

Solution 2: Check your credit card in quickbooks

For desktop users

  1. Firstly open quickbooks on your system
  2. Now go to product & service  and then select your subscribed payroll service
  3. Then find your payment method under the billing tab and then click on the edit button for editing the payment method
  4. Now you need to enter the payment details 
  5. Then save the details and close the window
  6. At last, you need to preview all the billing information 

For online users

  1. Firstly open your quickbooks online on your system
  2. Then select the gear icon and then click on the account and setting
  3. Now you need to click on the billing and subscription option
  4. Then click the edit option under the payment method

These steps will help you in changing the credit and billing information.

Solution 3: Waiting for the server

Sometimes quickbooks payroll error PS060 occurs because of the server. Then you can’t do anything you need to simply wait for the server to respond so that you can get to work.

Solution 4: Remove explorer history and junk files

  • Firstly open your internet explorer
  • Then go to the internet options
  • Now go to the browsing history and remove all history by clicking on the delete button under the general tab
  • Now you need to mark all the option in website files and the temporary internet files 
  • At last click on the delete button and then close the window.

Solution 5: Download and install the latest version.

Now You need to download and install the latest version of QuickBooks. Sometimes older versions create an issue. To resolve the issue immediately you need to download the latest version of QuickBooks payroll in your system and then install it in your system.

Solution 6: validate your payroll subscription

  • Firstly open QuickBooks in your system
  • Then go to the employee’s tab
  • Now choose my payroll services from the employee tab
  • Then click on the manage services key
  • Mae sure your service key is active. For that, you need to view the status of the service key
  • If your service key in not active 
  • Then click on the add button and enter the service key name which you ave received through the mail
  • Now click on the ok button and close the application
  • At last, you need to send the data once again

Solution 7: Reboot your system

Some experts think when you reboot your system many problems can be fixed. So you need to reboot your system to resolve the issue.

After rebooting if the error is still there then you have to check the mode. You have to work on single-user mode only.

I hope now your quickbooks Payroll Error PS060 is resolved. if you still face the error then you need to contact quickbooks expert.


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