QuickBooks Error Code 832

Quickbooks Error Code 832

March 27, 2024

QuickBooks error code 832 occurs at the time when you are trying to open company files or taking backup of company data. This error code crashes the system and fails QuickBooks software. This error mostly comes in company files due to damaged in company files. You can further work because your whole data is stored in company files and the file is damaged so access to data is not possible. The error message on your screen error occurred needs to be corrected first then only you will be able to process it.

When an error is there one can lose data. This error mostly comes in.ND files. At the time of hosting also this error occurs when you are trying to open files on different systems. 

Reasons for quickbooks Error Code 832

  • Some documents are missing.
  • Insufficient space
  • Change in organization document
  • Different attempts to have organization documents
  • The problem in security programming
  • Problem in extensions
  • Memory problem

Indications of quickbooks Error Code 832

  • Code crashes the program.
  • Error window appears.
  • System freezes most of the time.
  • System most of the time and the same error message appears with code 832.
  • .ND files stop working.
  • Hosting turned ON.

Steps to fix quickbooks Error Code 832

 Follow the instructions below to fix the error code 832.

Method 1: fix the error manually

  1. Update your quickbooks software with the latest version.
  2. Then configure your company files.
  3. To use company files you must be having all the access permissions.
  4. You have to scan the company files properly.
  5. You have to verify hosting access.
  6. Now open company files from another location.

Method 2: change hosting files

  1. firstly update the version of your quickbooks to the latest upgrade. Modify the host file with the proper IP address.
  2. Now, press and hold the Windows key and also the E key on the keyboard. 
  3. After that  double click on Local C and do the same on windows and on system 32.
  4. After this step doubles click on the folder of the driver and then on etc.
  5.  now with the notepad, proceed further by opening the host file.
  6.  Add or change the IP address of the server, after the last IP that is listed.
  7. Further press the tab key and input the server name. 
  8. Now navigate to the file and then click on the save option. 
  9. After this step, open the company file and see if the error is fixed or not

Method 3: Rename the files and restart the database server

  1. Firstly restart the company database server and rescan the company files.
  2. Then click on start and then click on all programs.
  3. Now select QuickBooks database server.
  4. Now scan the folder . click on the scan folder tab.
  5. Now open the company file.
  6. Now open quickbooks and sign in to the company file.
  7.  And see if the error is fixed or not.

Method 4:Locally opening the company file

  1. Begin with opening the folder that has the company files in it. 
  2. Locate the file that has the extension.QBW. 
  3. Go further by right-clicking on the file and selecting copy.
  4. Now, navigate to the desktop and do a right-click to paste the file you copied from the folder.
  5. After this step, hold the control key and open quickbooks to be directed to the section of no company open window in quickbooks.
  6.  Now, click on the option that states restore or open the existing company.
  7. Again navigate to the desktop where the file was pasted. 
  8. Double click on it and open and see if the error has been fixed or not.

For more information or any other help related to QuickBooks Error Code 832 you can contact QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and for any suggestions and advice, you can leave a comment.


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