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How to fix QuickBooks Error 7149?

December 22, 2022

QuickBooks error code 7149 is is the error that is encountered by users due to corrupted files or some errors in the registry. Basically, it is a runtime error and whenever this error occurs, the software shows a message like error 7149 Quickbooks. Whenever your system displays this type of message you have to solve this error quickly so that you can complete your work without any disturbance or hurdles. Before discussing the solutions, we must know about the signs so that we can apply the best solution quickly and accurately.

Signs of QuickBooks error 7149

  • Crashing your active application: If your active application getting crashed or if your programming window or the application in which you are working suddenly gets freezes it means QuickBooks error 7149 occurs in your system.
  • Freezing of QuickBooks: If your QuickBooks software getting freeze repeatedly it means there is an error code, 7149.
  • Freezing of system: While you are working on your desktop, It suddenly stops working or freezes it means this error occurs in your system.
  • Keyboard or mouse inputs are not visible: While working on the quickbooks, the inputs are not showing on the desktop, which means this error occurs.

Causes of QuickBooks error 7149

  • If the user’s downloaded file gets damaged or corrupted it is the main reason of occurring this error.
  • The installation process of QuickBooks is incomplete or not completed properly this can also be the reason for creating the error.
  • If your files are being corrupted by any virus or Malware, it can be the reason for this error.

Solutions of getting rid of QuickBooks error 7149

QuickBooks repairing and reinstalling:

  • In the control panel and Open add or remove programs.
  • Spotting QuickBooks software and right-click on it.
  • Then click on the repair option and perform all the o screen instructions on your desktop
  • Restart your system and try to open QuickBooks software.

After following these steps, if the error remains occurs in your system then uninstall your QuickBooks software and reinstall it.

Removing malware:

Scanning your system and if your system has any virus or malware then remove it completely by using any antivirus program. After this restart your system and open again the QuickBooks software.

Correcting the registry keys for QuickBooks:

Follow this method by yourself as it has a high risk of functioning in the system. So there are no steps to perform. Download the registry cleaner software for best result.

Disable your antivirus for some time:

Looking the icon of disabling the antivirus in the taskbar and select disable. After that try to run your QuickBooks software again. It might remove the error. You can also boost your system in safe mode.


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