How to fix Quickbooks Error 6130

How to fix quickbooks Error 6130?

March 27, 2024

quickbooks is amazing accounting software and most of the business houses using this accounting software. It is widely used by many small and medium business houses. People love to use this software because it is easy and user friendly. On one side it is very common in people and on another side, there is one technical issue which is known as quickbooks error 6130. 

quickbooks error 6130 is that error that occurs when you trying to open a company file and you are not able to open that file because it is a temporary file and the company file is having nothing to the backup or we can say that it is a technical issue which is found in quickbooks.

It’s not easy to handle quickbooks error 6130 because it is a technical problem. Only certified engineers and people can resolve the issue.  

If you facing such type of error then this blog will help you. In this blog, we are going to discuss various aspects of quickbooks error 6130. 

Reasons for quickbooks Error 6130

  • Damaged or corrupted company files
  • Installation of the software is improper
  • Windows registry file is corrupted
  • Virus blocking the software
  • Deletion of quickbooks important files
  • Outdated windows operating system.
  • There is a problem with network configuration 

Indications of quickbooks Error 6130

  • The system starts hanging repeatedly.
  • Error message start prompting on your screen
  • Processing gets slower down
  • Systems crash the whole program

Steps to fix quickbooks error 6130

Solution 1: Repair Registry Files

  1. Firstly click on the start button
  2. Now run the command window
  3. Before pressing the enter button you need to press the shit+ctrl button from the keyboard and then press the enter key from the keyboard.
  4. Then one dialog window will appear on your screen and ask for permission. Then you need to click on the ok button for granting the permission
  5. Now one dialog box will appear on your screen and you need to type Regedit on that window and after that press the enter key
  6. Now go to the File menu and then choose the export option
  7. Then go to the save in list and then search for the folder where you have to save the quickbooks desktop key and then select that folder. 
  8. After that go to the file option and name the backup file
  9. Now go to the export range box and then select the selected branch
  10.  Then you need to save the changes. Click on the Save button
  11.  Now your file will be automatically saved with the .reg extension format.
  12. At last, you have the back up of the quickbooks files.

Solution 2: relocating the file

  1. Now you need to move the server file to the local c drive
  2. Open the quickbooks file from the c drive
  3. Now you need to create the portable file
  4. Then save it on the c drive
  5. After that, you need to close the company files
  6. Now you need to restore the portable file to the server and then save it
  7. Then close the company file
  8. At last, you need to open the company file from the server

Solution 3: Renaming the .NG and .TLG files

  1. Firstly you need to locate the folder where company files are saved and then open the folder
  2. Now locate the.NG file and then right-click on the file 
  3. After that rename the.NG file
  4. Now at the end of the file name, you need to add .odd
  5. Now follow the same steps for the.TLG file.
  6. At last, you have to open the quickbooks desktop company file.

Solution 4: New window User

  1. Firstly click on the start button
  2. Then go to the control panel
  3. Now go to the user account icon
  4. Then you need to select the create new user option
  5. Now select the administrator
  6. Then sign out of your current user account.
  7. After the sign, out then restart your system 
  8. Now login as a new user
  9. Then move the company file to the desktop
  10. At last open the quickbooks and then access the company files on the desktop

Solution 5: check the mode of quickbooks

  1. Firstly right click on the quickbooks icon
  2. Now select the properties option
  3. Then go to the compatibility tab
  4. Now you need to deselect the run as administrator option
  5. Then select the show settings of all the users
  6. After that click on the ok button
  7. At last, restart the quickbooks

Solution 6: scan the computer 

Sometimes viruses damage, delete, and corrupt the files. Then it’s important to fully scan your system so that all these types of problems are not found in your system.

Solution 7: uninstall and reinstall the software

Sometimes reinstall of the software help in solving the problem.

Steps to reinstall

  1. Firstly click on the start button
  2. Then go to the control panel
  3. Now you need to go to programs
  4. Then select the programs and features
  5. Now you need to search the error 6130 and its programs
  6. Then click on the quickbooks
  7. At last select the uninstall button

Solution 8: check for the updates

Now you need to check the updates. Sometimes older versions are not compatible with some programs and some features. So maybe the reason for quickbooks error 6130. To resolve the issue to need to check for updates.

  1. Firstly click on the start  button
  2. Then type update on the search button
  3. Now windows will check for the updates
  4. If there is any update is available then install it

I hope all these issues will helps you in solving the quickbooks error 6130.


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