Quickbooks error 248

How to fix quickbooks error 248?

December 17, 2022

You can easily fix quickbooks error 248, it is encountered by users While trying to take backup of a company file and running employee payroll and that error code shows a messaging company files not found which means users need to create a new file. If you use QB for any purpose like accounting, bookkeeping, business management as well as any other purpose and suddenly get a quickbooks 248 error message, but don’t know what to do know, and how to fix that error, then read bellow discussed post below point and try to handle error 248 by self.

Causes of quickbooks error 248

  • Problem is with company file or company file not found
  • Due to overpayment to employee

3 Ways to fix quickbooks error 248

Any user can easily fix quickbooks error codes by following some simple points. If you want to fix error code 248 then carefully follow below discussed methods.

Method 1: Rebuild Run quickbooks Data Utility

  • Open the quickbooks application and under the File tab, choose Utilities
  • Now click on rebuild data option
  • Follow the on-screen instructions with the utmost care to save your company’s backup files
  • Wait until the file backup process is complete and then click OK to finish working.
  • If quickbooks Error 248 persists after this troubleshooting process, proceed to the next solution.

Method 2: Make Use Of Verify Data Utility

  • Click the quickbooks application first
  • Now go to the File tab and choose Utilities and Verify Data.
  • If you receive the message it is OK quickbooks did not find a problem with your data.
  • If the utility company detects any problems in the file, then click on rebuild now to fix the problem

Method 3: Create and Add Items to quickbooks

  • Click on the payroll list option from within the list section and then select a new item
  • Next, click on the Custom Setup option and click Next.
  • Enter a name for the new item you want to add to quickbooks
  • Now select an appropriate account to link the item to.
  • Neither kill nor then the next.
  • Enter the outstanding balance and then click Finish.

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