What if Quickbooks Bank Feed Not Working?

How to fix quickbooks Bank Feed Not Working issue?

December 17, 2022

With Bank feeds, all the transactions are automatically updated into the quickbooks Application. It also allows its user to find any flaws in the quickbooks records by matching them with a database of the bank. But sometimes quickbooks User gets an error that quickbooks Bank Feeds not Working while they are trying to do any transaction. Users may get worried when they face this issue. Here in this article we will discuss this error and try to fix the quickbooks Bank Feed error.

Causes of quickbooks Bank Feed Not Working issues

There Could be many reasons that can cause this error, to solve this error you must know the reason why this error occurred in the first place. It like you can not answer any question if you don’t know what is the Question. Let’s discuss the reasons:

  • The bank you are trying to retrieve information from is not working with quickbooks anymore.
  • The bank Server does not support synchronization with quickbooks.
  • There could be some synchronization error between the bank account and the quickbooks Account.

How to Fix quickbooks Bank Feed Not Working problem

There are many reasons that can lead to this error so there could be many ways to fix this error some of them we will discuss below and with these solutions, you should be able to fix this error.

Connect bank Details Properly to quickbooks:

  • Run quickbooks Desktop as an admin and go to the bank feed option.
  • Select banking and choose the bank account in which the error appears.
  • Now in the Banking and credit card option update, the details carefully.

Clear Cache Files to Fix quickbooks Bank Feed Not Working

  • Log in with your username and password on the bank site
  • In the Transaction, make sure to read the Pending alerts before moving further.
  • Now log out of your account.
  • In the History of the browser clear the cache.
  • And try to open bank feeds in quickbooks to check if the error is fixed.

Changing the sign in detail in quickbooks

  • Run the quickbooks Software as an admin and log in to the quickbooks Accounts.
  • In the edit, option edit your sign-in details.
  • Update the UID and password of the bank into the system.

Set Up Bank Feeds Properly

This Error Can also happen if you did any mistake while setting up the bank Feeds in quickbooks & you need to set up the bank feed properly.

If Connection to Your Bank Account is corrupted

  • Run quickbooks Desktop As an admin and go to the banking section.
  • Select the account and click on edit account details.
  • Disconnect the Account from quickbooks and Close the quickbooks Software.
  • Open quickbooks again and connect to the Account again.

Opening quickbooks in Incognito Mode

Something if there is an issue with your browser can also lead to this error. For that, you can try to log in to a different browser or using incognito mode.

  • Click on the File menu of any browser and open the incognito mode.
  • Try to Log in to your quickbooks account.
  • Check if the Bank feeds in quickbooks are working properly or not.

If quickbooks Software is not updated.

If the quickbooks Sofware is not updated then this error might happen that you can do by Click on Help> Update quickbooks With This the Issue might resolve early,


As Discussed in the Article, the quickbooks Bank Feed error is a common error that can be fixed very easily and we have mentioned some reasons and steps to fix quickbooks Bank Feed Not Working error.


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