How to Import the Credit Card Transaction in QuickBooks Online

As you know that QuickBooks is a great accounting firm. Sometimes ago QuickBooks Online Introduce a great feature that can easily help you and save your lot of time. Today, I will discuss that feature with you how to Import your credit card transaction in QuickBooks Online. With the help of QuickBooks, you can easily import your credit card transaction from the text files or Excel sheet directly into QuickBooks Online with use of Excel Transaction software.

Why It’s Important to Connect Your Credit Card Account to QuickBooks

One of the numerous advantages of QuickBooks Online is you can spare a great deal of time by importing your business with credit card transaction into QuickBooks rather than actually contributing every transaction.

Most enormous banks enable you to rapidly and effectively associate with QuickBooks, yet a portion of the smaller banks and credit associations don’t have that capacity. To locate the correct Visa for your business, look at our credit card commercial center.

Credit card Transaction in QuickBooks – Steps to Import with (CSV) Comma Separated Values File-

  • Firstly, you have to choose the Transaction and the banking center.
  • Select your upload file/Click on Upload a file option to upload your transaction.
  • Click on the search option and locate your file that you want to upload.
  • Select your QuickBooks Account that you want to link with your credit card account.
  • If you don’t have an account in QuickBooks then you can be clicking the drop-down menu and add your account first.
  • When you are adding your account the screen should display some massage that some fields you have to fill.
  • So, you should complete these fields like- Account Type, Detail Type, Name, Description(Where you describe your credit card name and the last 4 digits of your account number)
  • Map the QuickBooks Online(Steps):
    • Select the column of date and choose the format of the date which you want.
    • then Go to description and just click on the file.
    • Now you get the positive and the negative numbers in a single column in front of you.
    • You have to choose the column with a negative number.
  • Then Tick the transaction which you want to import into QuickBooks and click Next.
  • After the confirmation of QuickBooks, click on yes to confirm.
  • Finally, your transaction has been downloaded.

Import Your Credit Card Transaction Automatically in QuickBooks Online

So, to import credit card transactions into QuickBooks, you have to join your Mastercard record to QuickBooks. So as to do that, you will require your internet banking client ID and password to sign in to your record. You will just need to do this once. Going ahead, your transaction should be naturally downloaded into QuickBooks consistently.

  • Navigate to the banking center-
    when you are navigating or select the bank you need to choose one of the following options-
    1. Your bank type or credit card name in the search box.
    2. Select from the list of credit card companies in the search box.
  • Log into your business credit card account-
    For access into your credit card account, you need the user ID and the password. It would be a delay because of your internet connectivity, so be careful about your Internet connectivity.
  • Select your Business credit card accounts-
    Before selecting read carefully that when you select your account, you have to write the Account name, Select the QuickBooks Account.
    After that, your screen should display the following account window setup, with Complete the fields below-
    Category type, Detail Type, Name, Description, after fill all the information just click on Save and Close button.
  • Select the Correct Date Range
    The maximum numbers of transaction that will import within 90 days. If you want to import more than 90 days of credit card transactions, then you have to skip the CSV file section of this course.
  • Click to Connect-
    If Once you click Connect you are all transaction will be imported into QuickBooks. Fortunately and Unfortunate there is no back button or undo button.
  • Completely Imported your Transactions- Once your all the Transaction has imported successfully, you saw a message will be displayed:

“We successfully downloaded your transaction”

  • In the end, you can review your Imported Transaction at any time.

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